Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by AirbornePaperclip, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. So how long before the SPS lose WOs/SNCOs on transfer to the RAF TG17 (HR) now that wef 01 Apr 09, RAF HR Cpls to WOs move on to the higher pay band? Apparently due to the size of the Corps, it would be difficult to find funds to move AGC (SPS) WOs/SNCOs on to the higher pay band. With the implementation of JPA and therefore truly joint administration, equality is a brilliant thing - or maybe not!!
  2. Same thing happened with RMP and RAF Police Sgts. RMP stayed lower band. Haven't heard of a single RMP Sgt transferring though. Maybe we're just more apathetic than clerks...?
  3. I think the main obstacle is the fact that you would have to join the RAF....................................and who wants to do that!!
  4. So are we waiting for the 24th Nov to see if they think the SPS deserve the higher range despite scoring higher than their counterparts in the other services?

    Loyalty is a two way street!
  5. SPS higher pay band???

    You gotta be kidding me!!!!!
  6. Probably!
  7. Higher pay band....you will be lucky if there is still a Corps in ten years time !!!
  8. Well from what I have heard/read, it ain't over till the fat lady sings - however, by the time we ever come close to getting it she'll not be that fat!!!

    If you want the higher pay, career until 55, slower promotion and you don't mind wearing blue, then the RAF need to sort their premature pre JPA manpower savings!!

    Then again, if you're happy in green (although probably not CS95 for much longer), career until 55, more regular deployments, tougher fitness requirements, probably more promotion courses, slowing promotion but with out higher pay band then stay in the Corps - Mmmm let me think??
  9. JPA is a tri-service tool that the review board have agreed earns the higher rate of pay for the personnel branch staff operating it. The RN always had higher pay, the RAF now have agreed to it to recognise the new responsibilities JPA brings & will assist recruiting and retention. We desrve it too as the 500 gaps at Cpl & Sgts rank would have been much larger but for JPA savings. The extra work is now at desk level. Noone in my unit uses JPA for claims, I still end up sitting with them.

    If the RN and RAF able to get it for their pers staff why should we fail ?? :x
  10. Can I just ask what you may think a stupid question. Why should someone that is qualified to be a clerk get the higher rate of pay? I mean, look at the civil service or any civilian equivalent - £13-15000 Pa is a good pay for what most of you do.

    It would be an insult to others on higher rate of pay to find out a clerk is getting paid the same...
  11. We wouldnt be in this position if when pay 2000 came around we were all given the same rates of pay. Lets be honest when does anyone actually only do what the have been employed to do? You state civil servants are on a good wage at 15k. They get a much better pension than we do and only work 38hrs a week. Pay all troops the same and the problem goes away.
  12. You seem to spend a lot of time in here Daytona, you looking to transfer to the SPS? :wink:

    Most of those on higher range, get specialist pay on top of their normal pay rates when they are employed in posts that attract it. The assessment by JSJET is done on the amount of responsibility each trade has (I think) and it has been a long time coming for the SPS, although it seems we may be undone by the AFPRB. Clerks join in fully with all units they serve with be it driving, patrolling, body searching, pretty much anything be always been the poor relation. Shame JSJET doesn't consider the amount of hours they have to work or we would have had it long ago.

    Are you saying that 'clerks' don't deserve it because they are not as 'good' as others on higher range such as loggies, bandsmen, infantry etc or is it because you don't appreciate just what they have to put up with, it seems so with demeaning comments like that above?

    Bottom line is we probably won't get it despite recommendations because the AFPRB can't afford it, time for a tribunal I reckon. 8O
  13. Nahh, couldn't afford the pay drop - you all thought of transfering to the RMP?
  14. Yes, and worse... the RAF :)
  15. What a complete ******* helmet !!!!
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