Higher Pay Band - CMTs

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Lamster, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. Yes from PTE - SGTs! and that was from SO2 MCM Div so he should know..
  2. How many years until CMTs get that then, & it is unusual MCM Div to know anything.

    They told me I'd get my crown in 1999, didnt see it until 2001, they also told me I would not be deployed for 1yr after a Bosnia tour, deployed 6 weeks later to Iraq for 9 months.

    I would take anything they say with a pinch of salt until you see it in your pay packet.
  3. I am sure you only get it once you have completed the class 1 course and you lose it once you become a SSGT.
  4. A believer! one born every minute!
  5. it's effective as of 01 Apr 2008... And its genuine, so why knock it for those that get it? Of course it means that our SSgt and WO2s will just remain bitter and twisted now....
  6. and the Sgts will become bitter and twisted when they come off the board for SSgt!
  7. Fecking hell, just like all the trades now........oh apart from Nurses :evil:
  8. who are bitter and twisted because they dont get the LE pay grade when they commission (apparently)
  9. Deposit on nearly new "bottom of the range" Kia has been paid. Wind-down windows, Dolby cassette player and go faster stripes. No expense spared!
  10. i have seen this in black and white however i havent found any information on how the change may affect incrament levels for example

    a lcpl on level 9 earns £22325 on the lower band if moved to the higher band will get £26664 onm thats a whapping pay rise plus the anual rise normaly given in april

    any thoughts chaps ??
  11. Just a quick question related to this, what is the payband for a newly qualified CMT from Phase 2?

    I am trying to get to grips with the higher/lower pay scales on the Army site, and would like to know the pay level if on higher/lower spine and what level the pay is at i.e lower spine level 2 for instance. Any advice would be helpful.

  12. From what I have been informed that is a no. Once you become a class 1 then you are placed on the higher band and taken off when you become a SSGT. This is done because of the different jobs you do between ranks i.e. A SSGT will become a SQMS etc.
  13. thats interesting so fingers crossed i will get a 4300 pay rise but i wont get excited just yet will wait untill its in black and white first
  14. £358 per month in your back burner? Sounds too good to be true to me. What rank/increment level are you on?
  15. as above dumb arrse :slow: and its before tax and NI.