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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by daveh855, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. a question across the board. what is your opinian on lineys, ed's and stores going on higher pay band do we deserve it ?
  2. buy me a beer and will tell ya!!!
  3. were do u drink
  4. only where I have been banned!!
  5. Only if the Inf and Chefs get it too............

    Errr....hold on :slow:
  6. or a beer in 16AA
  7. I honestly don't see the point in the higher and lower pay bands. We all do our bit to the overall running of the signals so why can't we all get paid the same. On all exercises/ops i've been on the lineys/EDs have been the hardest worked people.
  8. Only physically and probably only compared against R Sigs.
  9. worked or working?
  10. You're just 'aving a laff now!
  11. Yeah, cause sitting in a headquarters manning a radio or laptop is nails.
  12. This is a naff question mate. Reason being you get paid for what you know not what you do.
    At the end of the day we all get paid well, when you consider or compare to what ciivy street is all about. You have to work for a living out there.

    And it's full of civvys. Fvck that for a game of soldiers :salut:
  13. Seconded carpets.

    Where in civvy strasse would you get paid (and time off) for playing sport and doing AT?

    Where would you get the chance to live in Germany, Cyprus, Italy, USA etc, etc doing your job and the opportunity to buy tax free cars booze, tabs on so on.

    Of course we all think we deserve to get paid more, but stop whinging and get on with it.

    Work hard, get promoted and then you'll get paid more.
  14. I was refering to the fact the that he had called lineys/EDs people.
  15. Maybe if you combined 2 or all 3 of the trades , hasnt there been talk of combining liney and 'tech sup spec' for some time now ? If you broaden the employment spectrum as has happend with doing away with Rad Op and Relay Op (both low band) in to RS and AS (high band), then this new super dooper operator trade , then yes why not. It makes you more widely employable and diversify them like has happend with us operator types.

    Agreed I have been at some units where lineys have worked their backsides off, on Con-Fusion the first 5 days I'm not sure I saw many lineys (or techs for that matter) get much sleep during the build phase or the tear down, and they do earn their money. But other units, they lay a few quads, deliver a few jerry cans and thats about it. Again paid for what you know not what you do. Lots of civvy counterparts work their asses off for minimum wage , where those with the techical skills get the better money.