With the current changes made from UNICOM to JPA, would anyone agree that certain rank pay scales shouold be changed to HIGHER banding or not?
RAWO should move to high once DII(F) kicks in with ISO, their job spec was printed on a fax roll!!!!

And b4 u ask, no I'm not one............yet!!!
Damned straight we should be on higher band. How about danger money as well since JPA came on line, dealing with our 'customers' who are not always the friendliest people on the planet?
Seedubs said:
Already on Higher......... :D
Yes but you never did deserve it :D

Hows life mate? new job still suck? Life outside is different, but ok :D
I remember this from when PAMPAS came in, UNICOM and, at the time being at Cranfield, various other systems.

Does this mean more work, less work, more intellect or less, more IT management skills or "self administrating", it still makes no difference.

The Forces are controlledby the Government, they decide what money is allocated to what trades (and i think you all know, the training you have is worth more in civvy street) but we signed on to do a job, any improvements along the way are a benefit.

I feel sorry for the Sigs who are losing loads of IS Engrs.


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