higher band to lower band clarification

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by paninaro, May 19, 2008.

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  1. In the Inf when promoted from Sgt to CSgt you move from the higher band (Sgt) to the next level on the lower band (CSgt) you gain a small pay raise.

    If the promotion never happened and you remained as a Sgt you would recieve you next increment level (5 months later) you would then be on a higher wage than the lower band CSgt's wage.

    if all above is correct then would the Sgt also be getting the higher pension??

    i havent asked anyone at work yet if this is correct or not, can any of the in house experts confirm if my sums are correct
  2. As far as I'm aware, yes you'd be on more as a High band Sgt than the low band CSgt, but the pension doesn't follow all that High-Low gupmh. The CSgt gets more when he leaves (for 30 or 40 years or whatever, as long as you are still on AFPS75, so it works out better in the long run).
  3. Yes your spot on there PD as far as I can see, the easiest thing to do is go on the pension calculator and put both in and it will show you that Staffy would get around 49K and Sgt around 43K if commuting the lot when i checked around 6 months ago.
  4. cheers lads

    so its promote and get less monthly (in 5 months) and for the rest of the time

    or poke it and get more monthly for the final few years

    i'll have a shifty at the calculator, see what the future pro's and cons are.

    mad system though, get promoted and payed less
  5. Panin,

    Which level are you currently on? - Looking at the rates I can not see how you can be on a loser 5 months down the line!!

  6. i cant access the rate table at the moment but

    level 5 higher, level 6 higher in nov,

    but promote jun 30
    move to lower band, slight increase which is less than the level 6 higher band.

    that make any sense?
  7. So current ROP £33922, going up to £34570 in Nov if not promoted then in Nov 09 to £35219 - max (current rates). If you promote you will go to £35934 (min 2%) in Jun (CSGT Lower Level 6) then to £36484 in Jun 09 - max. You will still have the possiblity to promote WO2 - don't know you much time you have left but you never know!!

  8. ok, just looked at the pay rates, i assumed the move from Sgt level 5 higher was to CSgt level 5, that was the rise i was thinking would be applicable, but in reality the promotion bypasses the first rise (under 2% ????) and moves up to the next one, level 6 lower.

    thats much healthier and many thanks