Higher Band of Pay for Navy, RAF Pers/Admin WEF 01 Apr 09

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by nic8764, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. Apparently the Navy and RAF Pers/Admin equivalents are to receive the higher band of pay from 01 Apr 09. This apply to Cpl-WO equivalents. I would like to know if anybody knows if this will apply to the Army aswell - as we are all heading for 'Tri Service' rights!
  2. Got a source?
  3. Hi, that was the reason I put in on here. I work upstairs from the RAF's equivalent of APC Glasgow. I have asked several people for something in writing, but as yet nothing officially released. I have asked 5 different people who vary from SAC (annoyed because they won't get extra), to FSgt (very happy, cos they'll be quids in). I don't think this is a vicious rumour, I will do some more digging tomorrow. I am AGC(SPS), so as you can imagine I am very interested in finding out whether or not all services will receive this, and if not - why?
  4. AGC on higher payband, well we are in the age of electric staplers these days, I suppose accidents can happen.
  5. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Navy Writers already get the higher level anyway.

    About a month ago at Worthy Down the Corps RSM and the Director were going on about the review of AGC (SPS) pay, the general concensus was that we'll be extremely lucky if we manage to get one rank upgraded and even then it will probably be WO1.

    Sh1t out of luck folks.
  6. If anything i'd have thought they'd be downgrading the pay.......................

    What with JPA and troops doing all their own claims/admin ;-)
  7. Higher Band for WO1's.

    That makes perfect sense, I am always tripping over the SPS WO1's in every RD unit that I have served in :lol:

    Or are they getting it as a retention measure, clearly SEB / VENG is not enough for them.

    We do not have a hope of getting it especially as we are now surplus to requirements post JPA
  8. Deleted drunken drivel, the fact still remains though, why do the RN Log Pers branch get higher Pay Band and we do not??
  9. :? :? :?

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: FFS did you read that before you clicked submit? Are you out killing Terry with staplers? Get over yourself. "Go to war proper." have you heard yourself?
  10. Yeh Yeh, drunk arrse, not good, however, in my experience (20 years), clerks on Ops do more than sit behind a desk, I spent more time out than in, my argument is why should RN clerks get the higher pay band when we do not yet we do the same, if not more, on Ops than they do.

    Yep, I am over myself, and NO I am not walting, you are clearly not a clerk, stood by for incoming lol.
  11. I think we are all missing the point here. Rather than have a go at the apparent lack of work that AGC (SPS) wallers do - take note of the very first quote, that is, the RAF pers/admin (equivalent to SPS - but not even close) are to receive the higher band of pay. What is the difference between them and the AGC. Well to start off with at the rank of Cpl there is currently a 2.5 year turnaround before going on Ops, they work on a very organised system whereby once they come back from A FOUR MONTH tour they go to the bottom of the pile before being pinged for another tour. At the moment their FSgt's currently have a 3.5 year turnaround for a 4 month tour. How many times have Army clerks been posted from one unit to another going straight onto a 6 month tour. Also, the current locations for RAF pers/admin admin range from Kandahar to the likes of Bastion. They will not find themselves doing 6 months in say, FOB Arnhem or anything like that. So quit slagging of the SPS and just think about what the clerical support in other services are asked to do. And they are about to get even more cash!!! Tempted to transfer??
  12. Has anyone realised the April Fool's Day Date!
  13. I can see the point from peeps that joined up pre-2000 and ended up forced into low band pay. Anyone who joined after the advent of pay2000 knew what band and payscale AGC(SPS) were on and also the other Corps/Regts/Services, so they made the choice. Quit whingeing and get on with it. Alternatively hand your bedding in :) :p :p :wink: :lol: :lol:
  14. Fair point, however, lets have some parity here, if the other 2 services are getting it (recent change, nothing to do with Pay Cut 2000), and lets face it, under JPA we are doing the same, in theory, why should the RN and RAF get it and not the army, if the same scenario applied to your trade would you be narked, I bet you would.

    The Job Evaluation team have re assesed this since the introduction of Pay Cut 2000, I think it needs re evaluating in light of the pay banding of clerks in the other 2 services.
  15. Simple solution, bring their clerks down to your level. I'm not trying to bait but I fail to see why the AGC should be on a higher payband.