Higher and Advanced Warrant Officers Courses

This from the Defence Academy website:

Joint Services Warrant Officers Course (JSWOC) — Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

'After 55 courses and 1372 students, 2010 saw the delivery of the last JSWOC.

There will, however, be a new opportunity for selected Warrant Officers when the first of the new Higher Warrant Officers’ Course (HWOC) is run from 4 – 15 July 2011.

Run once a year, HWOC will be attended by 36 students, including 3 internationals and one civilian from the Stabilisation Unit. It will provide follow-on education for warrant officers selected for the most challenging roles: specifically, in direct support of senior officers in high Command and Staff appointments.

Its aim is to further develop WOs' analytical and communications skills and extend their understanding and knowledge of joint, combined and multi-agency operations and of the higher management of Defence. It will broaden and deepen our WOs’ ‘world view’ by giving them a ‘window on the officer world’, thereby improving their ability to support their ‘supported officer’ i.e. those in higher-level command and staff appointments. Selection will be done by each Service’s Manning agency.

Attendees might be the Navy Comd WO, the WOs from each of the RN’s Fighting Arms and the WO1s from HQ CGRM and/or 3 Cdo Bde; Comd SMs and Corps RSMs; CASWO and those in the RAF’s ‘Tier 3’ appointments; those in SO3 posts or working in an ‘officer heavy’ environment; key IPT members; single-Service briefing teams; those involved in officer training; or anyone representing UK overseas in a training, Embassy or sales role. In short, those who need to understand the ‘A to Z’ of Defence.

There is a separate package of WO education that, if resources can be found, will potentially be delivered in the future as a replacement for JSWOC. Known as the Advanced Warrant Officers’ Course, or AWOC, this course aims to develop students’ analytical and communications skills, and provide a broader understanding and knowledge of joint, combined and multi-agency operations and of the management of Defence. AWOC is aimed at selected warrant officers intended for roles that need a broader understanding than that obtained from their single-Service WO education and training.

For more information, contact WO1 Mark Hannington on 96161 5518'
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