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Highclere Castle Game Fair this weekend folks

How did it go?

I went on Monday and got caught in the downpour, some very good stands with nice scoff and some very nice shooters to look at.

I didn't want to go into the two potential stands you were on (top corner of the main arena) ask if anyone was Ugly......


It was better on sunday but business was good in the rain anyway. We were visited by another arsser on the sunday (sorry forgotten names in the rush) and sadly I am recognisable!


Parham Park near Storrington just off the A24 (by sussex standards) and a lovely setting, 18th and 19th June, not usually as busy so more time for a cuppa, we use it to train staff for trhe busy events.
Sussex Game and Country Fair | Countryman Fairs
It doesnt have a gun dog arena but it has scurries and a clay line so a good warm up before the CLA.
Please don't go to the Wiltshire Steam rally in Oare this weekend (just south of Marlborough) because it's fecking stupid to put a steam rally next to one of the steepest hills in the county and all those rusting pieces of crap can't make it back up the A345...

Save your pennies and go to Highclere next weekend as Ugly suggests.

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