high threat environment insurance

hi troops, been a while since i last posted, nearly had a heart attack at the new layout.

anyway i digress. im due to start a new job in afghan, its not cp but does involve going out of the wire.

can anyone in arrse land give us a heads up to a good insurer that covers high threat environments. ive spoke to pax and they will cover me with the usual buying units scheme, however they dont provide med cover in case you're injured or repatriation.

i did get one quote this morning, and am still trying to pick my jaw off the floor, from a company that speialises in high threat environments.

cheers for any advice in advance
Try Towergate, Forces Fiancial, Trinity, etc



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When I worked for myself, I never bothered with insurance because it would have eaten my salary almost to the point of me paying to work!

For companies, I was either covered by the DBA insurance (compulsory for all those working on US govt contracts) or by their own insurance. I also used to make good mates with the local crews and see if I could rely on a bit of casevac support if the can was struck by the proverbial.

Also have a chat with International SOS.
Its unbelievable expensive on an individual basis. I worked for a company who did some high threat env' jobs, they dropped their corporate insurance as it was a bit stiff, all the contractors pretty much told them to poke the job and they have just had to re-instate it

I can't advise as I've never found a company to quote sensible enough to actually justify going on a job. I'll see who I'm under now and Forward..like I say it's corporate probably not much help
Having just done a review of insurances, talk to the THB group. They do a medivac policy that includes war/terror and can add on personal accident as well (for when you get run over/fall off a ladder on base).

Will mean you can tie in with any organisation's exisiting medical ERP, once you are on a base/stabilisation clinic. It will not cover medivac from point of injury and given the time frame, that should be part of your own companies SOPs.

Depending on circumstances, cost should be below £2k per year in a one off payment. Cover is not affected by carriage of weapons.

Generally ISOS are not brill for small companies/individuals and their monthly membership fee structure is looked on askance by other med ins providers.

As a contractor, it would be worth considering your own liability and third party indemnity insurance. Be aware that if you are carrying weapons, you will have to go to a small specialist insurer.

Look at BUPA international if you live outside UK or if you don't want the NHS to be your definitive medical care.

Watch out for assurance of cover from your employer, many companies (including some quite big ones) skip the cover and put a contingency fund in for payouts. As this isn't underwritten through insurance markets, if there is a bigger hit than expected, the fund may not be sufficient and peeps can find themselves left out on a limb

Good luck and check SOPs/ERPs like the devil, never assume!
cheers for the replies troops, i've had one quote from close protection insurance services, theirs come in at about 3k.
the firm offers DBA and bupa, so there maybe a medevac package under that, the firm owns its own aircraft so shud be ok ;-), most firms that i have spoke to me wont touch me, more so since that do gooder doctor got shot the other week.

can anyone advise on the DBA, ive had mixed reviews.
also abit off thread,may start a new one, what's arrses opinion on a us dollar account for wages, is it best to keep a normal uk account and use that or take out said us dollar account?
Most important is set up a ltd coy or go through a managed services company. The 90 day rule is a little frayed round the edges these days and "substantive ties" to the UK can negate it. HMRC have already got tougher.

Forex is a bugger and if you can get an agreed adjustment in to your contract, all well and good, but it cuts both ways.
If you have a nationwide current account then if you set up a nationwide offshore account transfers offshore-onshore don't cost anything. Don't just put it through your normal UK account otherwise you will end up paying a large fee and get a shitty exchange rate everytime money goes in. And if you get paid twice a month then that soon adds up. Plus you can decide exactly when you want to move your cash over which can make a big difference if the exchange rate is volatile.

Also try and negotiate a good per diem (daily cash payment that stays off the books). Tax-free spending (or saving) money...

Back to medical - most companies have a "life, limb or sight" arrangement with ISAF for their staff. That means that you will be treated in an ISAF facility until you are stable. I've known people end up in Ramstein before being discharged at no cost. If you are working for a reputable company then they should have medevac arrangements in place through an organisation like RMSI for non-critical/critical injury (they also deal with individuals) for when the ISAF agreement isn't in place. I would be quite wary of working for a company that doesn't.......

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