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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by paxo, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. doe's anybody know what high street store's give m,o,d discount's.at the moment burtons and blacks stores do and moto services do, but is there any other's.cheer's
  2. Some Burger kings do. Most army/navy stores.
  3. burger's for dinner then nice one cheer's
  4. T.M. Lewins on Jermyn Street off Piccadilly in London for fine shirts and ties.
  5. Cotswolds the outdoor people give 10% and The Sweat-Shop the running people give upto 20%.
  6. Burger king at MOTO service stations oh and the MOTO shops and cafes as well . Basically staff discount
  7. even with a discount its still worthwhile shopping around as a lot of the places that do a discount are more expensive than others that don't even with 10% off.
    a discount that is very worthwhile can be found in florida, sea world and busch gardens will admit up to 4 family members entirely free on showing your mod 90.
    that knocks our tight arsed british firms into a cocked hat......

    then again i could have told paxo that tomorrow in work. ( i just wanted to publicise the florida perk ) :wink:
  8. You get discounts in NY at the Empire State Building with your MOD90
  9. Just wondering, do the TA get a MOD90? if not do they get issued any type of ID card?
  10. Most Thomas Cook Travel agents do. If they are unsure tell them to refer to head office :)
  11. burton clothes shops.
    do suits, casual, and a squaddie discount. how very nice of them

    look in this months soldier for burton discount info (october) its near the front somewhere. only 10% but hey more beer tokens no?

    amazon vat free to bfpo... i love them. not a discount but better than filling out that really handy VAT form everytime

    cheers easy
  12. the ta do get M,O,D 90 cards.only if your a grown up lol
  13. You get a MOD90, but not until you've finished recruit training I think. (I don't have one yet) Until then it's endless messing about getting chits-in-lieu for every training weekend/camp.
  14. Ah bless you!!! lol

    Well hurry up and finish recruits then :)