High Speed ChooChoo?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Father_Famine, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. Why would anyone need to get to Birmingham quicker? W001s
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  2. The train runs in both directions, there must be hundreds who want to get out as quick as possible.
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  3. total waste of bloody money, surely improving the current links and services would be a better use of tax payers money? Where the hell are they finding this magic pot of £32 billion for the HS2 anyway?
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  4. Cracking Idea and worth every penny to see the "not through my back yard" merchants have nervous breakdowns on the news, posh cunts!
  5. The Myths and Facts about HS2 this makes for interesting reading. One should also never assume that living outside a city immediately makes people posh cunts.

  6. anyone who uses the excuse of "area of outstanding natural beauty", instead of "it will ruin my property values" is a disingenuous post cunt, fuck em and their village life bullshit
  7. Quite right Dervish! If they had spent the 32 billion (Plus all the other cash they've wasted) on improving the west coast main line, instead of farting about altering tiny little bits of it, we could have had a much longer much faster railway 20 years ago.

  8. Errrrr - we tried that and it was nearly a complete disaster. Had to be rescued by Bechtel and caused years of misery to people travelling on that route.
  9. If any one of you fcukers even thinks about mentioning '*******' on this thread, I
    shall unleash the Hounds of The Baskervilles to feast on your Knackers.
  10. It's a bit more than people complaining about loss of value to their property.
    You could trawl through the geological issues in the Chiltern area alone to get an idea of what it will do to the landscape. Call me old fashioned, but I am quite fond England's green and pleasant land and would like to see as much of it stay that way as possible.

    Chiltern Society | No HS2
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  11. '*******'
  12. I know mukker, I worked for BR for 11 years!
    The point is they should have spent the cash and done the job right back then, but instead they fucked about with little bits until it was to fucked up to sort out!!!
  13. This is the first step in a long needed rejuvenation. Bodging up existing lines is pissing money away long term, we need to overhaul while it's still a possibility. Whats the point of trying to encourage people back to trains if, exactly when they start to rely on them, you need to close the aging line which can no longer cope with increased volume for "essential works"?

    I agree, 32 billion is a lot of money but travelling in Britain is nothing but hassle. Getting anywhere is a monumental pain in the arse compared with many places I've visited or indeed resided. Not only is it slow and stressful, but it's overpriced and old. If we really want business back and to resurrect good old British manufacturing, this is exactly what we need. I just hope they stick with the extensions that are being mentioned.

    It seems the incessant complainers of the world, mainly drawn from the Mail crowd, cannot be pleased. Do you want manufacturing and jobs? Do you want the country to be great? or do you want to cut public spending to zero?

    I feel it's about time people learned to accept that a fit for purpose rail network is a marker for a modern economy, it's not there to make money in and of itself, it's there as a means to get people and things to places where they can make money. As such, it requires investment.

    This is the opposite of the sticking plaster solutions Britain has stuck with for years. Patching up cracked roads which are unsuitable for harsh cold after another consecutive "unusually harsh winter" instead of just resurfacing roads correctly once.

    Again, I'd really like to see governments look at the long term cost, not the short term saving. In this case, I think they have.
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  14. The best for me was:

    Lets spend the money on Re-Nationalizing the railway

    then putting it all back to Pre Beeching settings.
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  15. Right, you bugger, they are loose.
    The interesting point is, the £32b is for the complete system ie Manchester and Leeds
    we all know that there is no way that this estimate will remain at £32b...god knows
    what it will have cost by the time it is complete.

    I reckon the Govt. will spend a fortune(as usual) on research into the Project and then
    decide it will be too expensive....back burner, here we come!

    I enjoyed Waterman and the bloke argueing on BBC1 this morning, shame the Presenters
    stepped in and stopped it, I think Waterman would have killed him.