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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by boney_m, Mar 4, 2005.

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  1. Got an email a while back from BT informing me that they were upgrading their broadband infrastructure and were going to upgrade my 512kbps connection to 2mbps for no extra money.

    I was downloading a driver for work this morning (like you do) and the 20.5mb file came down in under a minute. Just speed tested myself at http://bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/ and am clocking 1.7 mbps. If your on broadband, and your provider isnt providing this for nothing, it might be a good time to think about changing.

  2. Cheers.
    Just run a test. 465, rated "not bad"
  3. Mines 187 (mediocre) :( I am downloading shedloads at the mo so I don't know if that affects the test.

    Are you paying the £18 boney or the £26 they list on their website?
  4. Are they now setting a download limit in conjunction with the increase in speed, im sure i read somewhere something about 15gig per month and then additional charges
  5. I pay the 26 quid, i've been signed up for just under a year. Its now what i consider very good value for the bandwidth.

    I've always had a download limit of 15gig a month, but i've never breached it. I understand its not too expensive if you want more.

    The test would be affected if your running a load of downloads at the same time. The traffic the test passes would have to queue behind other traffic destined for you. Try the test having paused your downloads.

  6. Yep that knocked it up to 401. I'm with Wanapoo and I'm on the £18 package. In theory the monthly limit is 2 GB, but because I've been with them for over a year (before they put a limit on it) they can't limit me. :D
  7. To be honest, with BT offering a 2mbps standard package, the other companies are bound to follow suit. Afterall, if your on wannado or pipex etc, your line actually connects to the same kit at the exchange as BT customers. To remain competitive i expect the standard will be the same across the board soon.

  8. I HATE YOU ALL :evil: :evil: :evil:
  9. Want to borrow some bandwidth Disco :wink: Or maybe you should be talking to Awol, he's been downloading porn all day, its slowing down his link no end.

  10. ISDN still rules in our rural backwater....they still have people that clean up the horse sh1t after the landed gentry, milk man and coal bloke has been round.........
    It does have a tendency to grip me that companies are offering multi Mbs service when some of us are still in the dark ages :(
  11. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    I am with wanapoo at the moment (tied into a year contract). The service they are providing is very good. I am using wireless with WPKA encryption. The connection never drops and i have gone over my 2 GB limit a couple of times and they haven't charged me (although in the contract it tells me they will charge £1 per Gb) as boney said we all come of off a BT exchange so no doubt it will not be long before we get an automatic upgrade to 2Mb. ( in Belgium we got an automatic upgrade to 3.3Mbs from 512kb). Avoid Supanet like the plague I have a friend who has lost his connection for over 2 weeks now and they are blaming bt saying his telephone line must be down, even though he was speaking to him on the phone.
  12. Sorry to hear that 'Disco' still can't get BB ...lol

    Has anyone got any info on the Deutch BB that is available in Elmpt station? I have put in my A10's and am wondering where I can get BB and how fast?

    I was with them until a few weeks ago. Basically they offered what was a 1MB package which was good value for money. However they MASSIVELY underestimated the take up of the offer. Supanet did not have the infrastructure to handle all the new business and so their backbone was falling over 5 minutes.

    Also anybody who was playing a lot of online games or doing a lot of P2P downloading etc was getting shunted off to a CRAP IP range - with speeds which were far worse than 56k bandwidth. This was happening despite advertising their service as having NO caps on it. This happened to me FREQUENTLY.

    I eventually got fed up with them and told them I wanted out of the 12 month contract right there and then without any further charges. They agreed to this straightaway as they knew they were not giving me the service I had signed up for. They gave me a MAC so I could migrate and that was the end of my very disappointing time with Supanet.

    I'm now with Prodigy - its a bit more expensive - but its only a one month contract - so if they turn out to be crap too I can bin them anytime.
  14. virgin.net. No contract at all. Only a 512 service just now for £17.99 with limited bandwidth or 24.99 with no limits. I've been with them for 6 months and the uptime is good and the connection speed is very stable.
  15. Have a look at http://freeola.com. They give 1Mbps link for £19.99 a month (3GB cap), service is excellent. Also the ability to host your own website, as many email addresses as you want and only 3 month contract. Well worth it if you don't have stability of a guaranteed 3 year posting etc :lol: