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Discussion in 'Photography' started by happybonzo, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. Has anyone tried a Canon D12 or a Nikon P7000? If so, what did you think of them or any other camera suggestions welcome
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Do you mean the G12? If so the Canon G series is superb and has an edge over the p7000 in a few areas.

    I've got the slightly older G9, which you can pick up for about £200, as it has a slightly longer focal length.

    I took this one using the built in ND filter:

  3. Sorry, I did mean the G12 but the window I was near was so tasty that I mistyped. I'll have a look about for G9 as there seem to be quite a few on Fleabay
  4. Wife has the G10 and I have the G11. They're both superb cameras, and I have all but stopped using my EOS5D because the G11 is so good.
  5. Got my paws on a G12 at Jessops yesterday. It was charged up and I managed to have a good go with it. It was very impressive; the only thing wrong was the security leash on it...
    I managed to win a G9 off Fleabay last night.
  6. I've held back on buying a G9/10/11/12 because I know that it would end up being used more than the DSLR.
  7. I could not make up my mind between a DSLR and a compact..so went for something inbetween and bought a Lumix G1

    So glad I did...superb bit of kit. Now looking to upgrade to the G3. Its billed as the worlds smallest DSLR but uses a tiny LED viewfinder rather than a bulky mirror system as in a DSLR.

    Having said that, the Lumix DMC compacts are exceptionally good.
  8. I can only agree (even though the OP has already made his move). I've a TZ7 which I use regularly for work as well as home. Although looking at the spec for the G12, it seems to be aimed slightly upmarket of the DMCs.
  9. The G3 is not a DSLR, but a 'mirrorless interchangeable lens camera'. The EVF does not show exactly what the lens sees like a DSLR's optical viewfinder. Still a decent camera, though, and having had a play with one I think it would be a good substitute for a DSLR in many circumstances, particularly because its size makes it much more portable.

    I have a Canon G12, which I bought to replace a Nikon P5100, and it's superb.
  10. so all agreed, G12? I'll be on amazon later unless anybody knows of anywhere cheaper for squaddy deals?
  11. Good choice sir!
  12. The Fuji X100 is an absolute beauty. Costs the same as semi/pro dslr but if you had the cash I'd highly recommend it, even just for the traditional viewfinder, ultrasilent shooting and massive true to 50mm sensor. ill be picking one up to fill in for when my 60D is too intrusive!