High-Rise Hong Kong - Bananas!


No thank you! This is the Centre (although they spell it 'Center'), 80 floors high. By coincidence I was in there yesterday.

It just goes to show, you don't have to be Russian to be crazy.

XPara Mugg

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Reminds me of an experience of mine....

Back in the mists of time they were building that wonder of modern technology known as The Post Office Tower.

Well, my aunt worked with the wife of a man (bear with me, I'll get there) and he was...... a crane driver!

Yes, he worked in the crane that stuck out from the top of said tower. So, one quiet Sunday he smuggled me onto the site and up into the crane. After a good while of looking about, eating sandwiches and drinking tea he opened a hatch and encouraged me out onto the roof of the cabin. So, I claim that I have been higher up The PO Tower (or whatever it is now) than it is possible to go.

Not quite 80 floors but not a bad experience when you're seven.

I can see why they did it.
Sod that. Mind you, i can terrify my wife by grabbing her around the legs,"so she doesn't fall", when she's standing on a 9" step-stool, putting clothes in the wardrobe.
I can't imagine being that bored with life or starved of enjoyment in the everyday.

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