high quality replacement medal

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by randomgary, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. no longer relivant
  2. Are we supposed to guess what this medal is?
  3. And that narrows it down no end.
  4. If you are still serving, you can speak to your SSA and get a replacement through the system at your expense (it will be the issued medal with a small 'R' on it).
  5. No it won't. The medal office will only issue replacement 'genuine' medals marked with either 'R' , REPLACEMENT or DUPLICATE (all three in existence) if you can prove the medal has been stolen.

    Lost medals are not replaced.

    You will see licensed copies nowadays, but they are all different in some way. i.e. non swivelling suspension, one piece suspension and clasp. Nearly all will be cast copies, nickel or silver plated (or worse, rhodium) and will be easily recogniseable as a copy.

    You can get some good quality solid silver copies from ebay, believe it or not, and they are probably the best available other than top end Spink hand made ones.

  6. Are you taking the piss?
  7. All the medals I wear on my No2s are copies (The originals are in my parents house) no one has ever noticed.
    Unless someone hands you a copy of a medal and you study it or you are a bit of a medal spotter it not really noticeable.
  8. If you've lost an issue one, you can get a replacement through your admin chain (if serving) - JPA Form S001 or, if retired, from the MOD Medal Office. They will supply ones from the normal stocks on repayment (I believe these are marked 'copy', 'replacement' or something similar.)

    If not, any of the reputable military tailors or medal suppliers should be able to provide copies to MOD specs - I used Raymond Holditch the last time I needed medals mounting and minatures - ymmv. Somebody mentioned that one of the medal companies is a Help for Heroes supporter, if that floats your boat. It may be Liverpool Medals.

    If money is no object, there is always Spinks.
  9. I meant that they are never as good as the originals. Perfectly passable, but easily distinguishable if you are a medal spotter!

    Off to read a medal book now ! 8O
  10. I appreciate that you are the expert here and that it isn't relevant in the OPs case but, if that is the case, why is the form entitled "for the replacement of lost, stolen or missing medals"?
  11. Not an expert, just know people that have tried it. Two recent 'lost' medals have been replaced by licensed copies. The only genuine replacement I have seen lately is for a proven stolen medal.

    I think they may have changed their policy to stop people claiming for a 'lost ' medal, then finding it and selling the spare.
  12. A recently issued RNLSGC, laser engraved with REPLACEMENT

    The recipient had to provide Police Crime Reports to prove theft and confirmation from the Police that the medal had not been recovered.

  13. From the MOD webpage


    Can I obtain replacements of lost medals?

    The Medal Office only issue replacement medals to service veterans or, if deceased, the member of the family who now holds the medals, under certain strict conditions where the loss is completely outside the individual’s control in such instances as burglary, street theft or house fire. Only World War II medals and those issued subsequently can be replaced, provided that the criteria described here are met. The Medal Office is unable to replace medals issued before World War II, such as First World War medals, under any circumstances.

    Should you wish to claim for replacement medals in these circumstances, you should please provide details of the incident (i.e. burglary, fire etc.) and submit supporting contemporary evidence from the time of loss, by way of a copy of a successful insurance claim, or a Police crime report, either/both of which should include reference to the loss of the medals. A crime reference number alone is not sufficient. A lost property report is also insufficient.

    If these criteria are met then the Medal Office can issue replacement medals, but please note that there will still be a charge for the medals. The Medal Office will also check official records to confirm that the medals requested had been awarded to you or your relative.

    In all other cases, you may wish to consider purchasing replica medals from a specialist medal company or reputable medal dealer.
  14. If someone hadn't lost their medal or indeed had it stolen, and perhaps had just been made the recipient of a major award, and for example, they wanted a copy of the medal so their Nan/Mum/girlfriend could show it off, they might want to consider using these people or somebody like them.

    Hill Military Medals.
  15. Only if they want to pay top whack! Better or equivilent is available much cheaper if you shop around