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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by doghead, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. I'm sure this has been discussed, but I can’t seem to find an answer....

    On the first of April this year my trade group goes to high pay band, now for me I leave the Army on the 11th of April so I will get a stonking 10 days of it!!

    Now there are several duty rumours going around, so I’ll ask the questions and see what response I get, someone is bound to know.

    1, Do you get back pay from 2000?? (I doubt it very much)

    2, Do you go across at the same increment level?


  2. 1. No
    2. Yes

  3. Are you sure, I was promoted (High to Low pay band) June 05, now I've just been told I'm going to recieve back pay to the end date of my high pay band course (March 05).

    Can they move my Promotion backwards ???? (and give me a IDD next month?)

    If I stay the same level its a £10 per day pay rise, I was under the impression I'd only get 3.5% extra (i.e. I'll move from Level 4 Low (78.35) to Level 1 High pay band (81.41))
  4. polar, you used to be right. but you now move from lower 4 to higher 4. hence the massive wadge of back pay for lucky buggers like me :)
  5. Think I like what I'm hearing :lol: :lol:
  6. Polar - if I understand your scenario you were a Higher Range trade in the lower rank, and were promoted onto the lower range.

    If you are then awarded an Employment Qualification(EQ) which pre-dates the promotion (but which entitles you to Higher Range pay in the new higher rank) then it is not a level to level move. The promotion is removed from your record, the new EQ applied and then the promotion is re-applied which will now place you directly onto the higher range in the higher rank acheiving a minimum 2% pay rise on promotion.

    If you had gained the new EQ after promotion then you would have moved level to level between the lower and higher pay ranges.

    I know all that is confusing but PM me with more specific details and I will try and investigate further.
  7. ok here is a bite/whinge..can someone please explain to me the justification of the high/low band payscales. I am a Sgt now on low payband and have a Cpl who is high payband £1 a day less than me and two Lcpl"s who are on about £3a day less..now i am in charge of lads who dont want to get promoted as the pay is better off for them as they are..i dont feel my job changed that much when i myself was on the higher band, only it is more responsible now, yet the juniors are on nearly as much money if not more, how can this be right, someone please justify it to me !!!
  8. Think yourself lucky mate, I am on level 3 Sgt (lower), and I have Cpls in my place earning more than me !, take into account my mess bill, and i'm about £150 a month worse off than some of my senior Cpls. :evil:

    Gawd bless ya Tony - CNUT :evil: :x 8O
  9. That is exactly my point mate as i was in the same position when i was promoted two years ago..this is without taking into account having to pay for mess dress, medals being mounted, christmass and summer ball etc etc...how would it work in civvy street if you were to be promoted to foreman but have your colleagues on more pay, it just doesnt work, but that is the situation i myself and many others find ourselves in...could you imagine if this applied to say a CO being on less money than his 2i/c it wouldnt would it though as they are ok so FU*K the rest cos were alright jack...what a great idea this pay 2000 was....NOT...