High Jinks on the Ferries

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. Back in the 70's and 80's most soldiers travelled home from Germany by a combination of car/ferry, the majority taking the cheaperst ferry at the most ungodly hour.

    Besides the huge stack of empty jerricans that were deposited at the port of embarkation, discarded after filling one's car with tax-free benzine, I have other very vivid memories of these trips. One was falling asleep many a time at Wankum - waiting for the petrol station to open - in the comapny of many other BFG autos. The second was always getting searched at Customs, along with most of the other soldiers', for illicit quantities of duty-free. The third is the number of fights and minor scuffles that used to break out, without warning, in the bars of the ferries. Remember one particular occasion when it got really nasty on the overnight Harwich/Hook of Holland route where, besides the violence, a civilian was robbed of a considerable amount of money. Mil plod were called in from ODA, and no soldier was allowed to leave the ferry until they had been questioned and searched.

    Oh happy days.
  2. It was awful, all those Regimental busses meeting in Zeebrugge where they spewed out (literally) scores of soldiers heading into the Terminal bar to await the next ferry, follow the Black Watch and they meet the Green Jackets while you are queuing for the kids milk to be warmed ....inter-Regtl competitions including swallae a pint o piss, fastest to eat your mate's shite sandwiches...and all with wives and families listening to the bravado and scrapping.

    Now we have juts exported that generation to sink-estates in UK and take on their feral offspring.

    I seem to remember the RHF hijacking a ferry in the mid-80s too ?
  3. Mid 90's certainly 8O
  4. Remember arriving at Zeebrugge, but not allowed off, due to the almighty scrap going on between some Skinheads and some Infantry, was still going on during docking, allowed off, after police carted away about 40 blokes.

    Coming back to England, got stopped and searched, when driver complained they took care away and stripped it, was funny seeing the seats on the road, and being told, if you drive without it being roadworthy you'll be knicked. A happy few hours of leave in a customs shed. Cheers Swish!!
  5. Coming back from Germany (Op Grapple 1.5) we - 27 Regt RCT, were all given 'chit' type things for getting evening scoff and breakfast. I seem to recall it was worth about 25DMs.

    "Can we get beer on these?", to which the ships teller said yes.
    "Okay then, could we exchange the breakfast token for beer now?"
    again the ships teller said yes -

    Bollocks to food and que masses of squaddies getting free beer with tokens.