High Heart Rate

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by carlbcfc, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. After a 2 months break from road running due to injury, in fact, any running, I have just been out and done a 2.5 miler which included a large hill.

    My time was 23min, and I by no means pushed myself. HR according to my Polar HRM was:

    Max 195 (101%)
    Average 180 (92%)

    Does that seem a little too high? I was not blowing out my arrse, I felt steady if you know what I mean.

    My only training has been 60mins around 5 days per week on a cross trainer.
  2. How fast did your heart rate return to normal?
  3. My advice would be to bin the heart monitor and take your own pulse.
  4. Doesn't help you're going off of a flawed equation to work out your max, rather than an actual reading - that or you just used the predetermined one defaulted by the monitor.
    Why you're using a heart rate monitor without knowing why and how I'll never know.
  5. It means nothing without knowing what your absolute maximum heart rate is to begin with. You will need to conduct a stress test to work this out. Then you can play with the percentages by comparing your session hr levels against your max.
  6. I would agree

    I would also suggest a lactate threshold test as this is pretty useful, especially for aerobic development.

    They take about 45 minutes from start to finish.
  7. bigbird, I did not check the time it took to drop back down, must do that next time.

    Grizzly, you aint half notched up a lot of rants in month that account has been active, but I followed the instructions when I first had the HRM, so assumed that was right.

    So what would make the chest strap tell the watch my heart was beating at 195 BMP?
  8. I didn't imply you hadn't read the instructions, I meant in understanding the purpose etc. You clearly don't have a monkeys, so there is little point.

    P.S As the old saying goes, assumption is the mother of all fuckups.

  9. As has been said, this post is the about the same as saying 'my waist is 36in, is that too big'? without knowing other info - like an accurate max and resting HR figure - it's impossible to say. What is your HRMax and how did you get the figure?

    You can get HRM misreadings from electronic interference (train lines, telecoms kit etc) and running near someone elses's HRM
  10. Or it just being flat out buggered :D
  11. ... buggered by someone wearing an HRM ...
  12. I'll take an electromagnet to yours and see if it's still a happy bunny :p
    Even twatting it a few times will do the trick, it doesn't have to be interference from another.
  13. There is a program on the Polar called OwnZone. This is how I set it up, along with weight, height, age.

    This is how I came to that max.
  14. ie you went the flawed equation route which can be stupidly far off the mark.