high-flying £220,000 Suffolk council boss

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by happybonzo, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. Promotions here and there and a big job as Number One at Endeavour House have given Mrs Hill a high profile both locally and nationally. LINKY


    Now would you pay £200k a year for this? Your comments please - in your own time
  2. All that money and she can't afford a decent hairdcut?
  3. Is that a wand she is holding
  4. Well, I doubt she owns a wizards sleeve. I mean, would you?
  5. Wouldn't that make her Mrs. Mountain?
  6. Much outrage ensued when she was appointed to this post. It's the reason why Ipswich was one of only five areas in the country where the Tories lost seats in last year's council elections. Good old Suffolk council. On all their forms they've got five options listed under gender.

    How much would you give her new hairdo? I'd give it about quarter of a pint of semi skimmed. It looks like she's got a fekking cat glued to her head.
  7. sceptre on that money
  8. She used to be the Chief Exec. of our local County Council (Bedfordshire) before her move to Suffolk. She was feathering her nest, even before the result of the decision to get rid of BCC and replace it with a unitary authority was announced. All the while, she was telling us how she was confident that the result would go in the CC's favour.
  9. My bold...I hope they haven't got Transgender as an option on there as if they have they're breaking the Gender Recognition Act 2004 if they pass that information on (even internally) to anyone who isn't a medical professional who needs to know for clinical reasons....
  10. Unbelievable I hear she's had quite a bit of action!
  11. Fukcing ginger? ? :crazy:
  12. Is it legs post op?
  13. I've done worse.
  14. Nothing so imprecise. They've got both Transman and Transwoman, No Ford Transit or Transistor though. Could I get compensation off them for having to fill in the form?
  15. It's a riding crop.

    Suffolk is being overwhelmed by new build supermarkets. Marks and Spencer are planning a huge development. The photo was taken a meeting called to discuss M&S but unfortunately the Chief Exec. is dyslexic.