High Definition - motion blur

just been watching location x3 from last night on channel 4 HD. If you saw it the posh totty bird was wearing a red coat, every time on my tv it appeared as if the picture was flashing/stuttering - whenever there was a bright red on the screen.

No problem when viewing the 2 foxy lesbians buying there first house!

Is this motion blur?

i have got a Panasonic 42" Viera with sky HD package my tv is set to 1080i
I watched the same programme last night, also 1080i (on my 1080p tv) and also saw the blurriness of the reds. This is the first time I have seen any motion blur on this tv in either HD or SD, so I suspect it was Ch4's problem, not ours.
The disadvantage of HD is that it shows up so many imperfections. The dark-haired one had a couple of nasty blackheads and one whitehead on her left cheek. They'd have both got it though, and a threesome would be fanfuckingtastic. An eightsome, with them both closed down to Zulu Alpha, would be a better dit though!

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