High Court Blocking Torrent sites

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. It's affected another 3 sites in total, H33t amongst another.

    The forums seems to have debated the *cough* proxy alternative..
  2. Your link works a treat, cheers
  3. Quite right too; you'd all be up in arms if someone was stealing things that belonged to you, or scamming the benefits system.

    The people who run the copyright-infringement sites, and the ones who use them, are nothing but a bunch of thieving *****.
  4. I use a vpn to bypass these pointless blocks.

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  5. Do you shoplift, dip into the Church collection and pick up the tips off restaurant tables as well?
  6. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    And changing the subject totally, Anonymouse has some interesting properties.


    Not that I'd dream of using it to bypass the block on Kickass torrents...


    (And in my spare time I steal the lead off church roofs).
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  7. All the people who use these theft-sites, fair enough. Just remember never to have the hypocritical audacity to whine about shoplifters, crooks, benefit cheats, tax-dodgers, hand-in-the-till politicians, and the rest of society's tawdry panoply of grotty advantage-takers in the future.
  8. My, what a sanctimonious **** are you!
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  9. No, just a bit sick of having my work stolen by thieving ***** who then claim some sort of right of free speech or exchange of ideas to justify their criminality and sheer pikiness.
  10. ?? I only use torrent sites to get free E-book's, what else they for !
  11. But they do, the benefits systems and the NHS have been handing over the benefits of my taxes and my National Insurance payments to free-loaders and fraudsters for decades; the country has been reduced to thrid-world penury. Haven't you noticed? You'd hope the police would deal with such problems, but the Police and Trading Standards are too busy chasing the purveyors of pirate goods and dodgy DVDs for the benefit of the copyright holders.

    So that's tough.
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  12. Right, so you make your protest by joining in the free-for-all with the rest of them, eh?

    Is this you?

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  13. You are Justin Bieber and I claim my £5.