High bloody fives....

Whilst sat up waiting for the debacle of a Cricket World Cup final to commence on Saturday night, Channel 10 here in Australia decided to show a re-run of the 1992 WC final - England v the Pakis ( I can say that - now I'm an Aussie!).

Just a quick reminder;

Beefy off a three pace run up
Goochie and his crap tash
Lewis. Say no more
Pringle - He popped now he can’t stop
Little Fairbrother
Richard Illingworth - His Dad said he'd take the kit if he didn't get a game

Plus a few others.

God cricket was crap a few years ago!!

Anyway - as I was watching I was glad to see these were still the days of hand shaking and back (and occasional arrse) slapping. However, after England had taken there 3rd or 4th wicket, Dermot Reeve - remember him, came running onto the square with gay abandon and "high fived" the bowler.

I'd like to find out who the first England player to "high five" a team mate was and is thus solely responsible for the footballification of cricket.

So far Reeve is the man - he's just the kind of bloke. Happy, happy, bouncy, smiley, high fivey and rubbish.

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