High Blood Pressure (White Coat Syndrome)

Hey Guys I Put in my application a while back and everythuing was going fast and positive until ADSC came up, I was deffered first thing for high Blood pressure and was told to get 3 checks with my GP, i got these done within a week after my defferal and they ranged from 133 over something to 146,
I checked Google Etc and then suspected that they were gonna be rejected, so i went and done a 24Hr Blood Pressure Monitor,
i havent got the exact readings with me at the moment but the highest reading on it was 177 over something, i was suprised, and a few over 140, but in saying that my average was 133 over something, I had a meeting with my GP this morning and he says the reading are fine, but he also said that the first three results i sent up that were rejected were fine, Also out of curiousity i got 3 more BP checks done in differint weeks and there coming at 120 - 126 all 3 of them,

Will i take another 24Hr blood Pressure Monitor.?

And will i send the 3 Results readin in at 120 - 126 that they didnt ask for with my results for the 24 Hr BP monitor ?

"over something" doesnt really help a lot.

Normal resting BP is about 120/80 and if you have been getting readings of 177 or 140 then no wonder they refused you.

I am sure there are some proper medics on here who can give much more detailed advice but if those 177 or 140 readings are true then you might want to think about having a talk with a cardiologist.

Before you drop down dead.
Im no doctor but also have high BP ,how old are you , smoke? eat shite food? exercise?Are you a fat cnut?

If you train hard / correctly you will reduce you BP in addition no smoking , low alcohol consumption and low salt / fat diet also help.
177 Was at like 0600 though, and the doc reckons theres nothing wrong because ive got readings at 120-125, but its the few big ones that stand out, yeah i train hard, and eat no salt, i used to smoke, quit due to preparation training.

if its up and down like this im guessing there eyes would be fixed on the high ones even tho the results are there i need to pass ??
should be at it lowest around 0600hrs ,how are you taking your BP? some of the kit available today is shite , Ive managed to get two vastly different readings with some digital crap I bought , filed it under "bin" .
0500 it was reading 66, straight after 0600hrs it dropped to normal, It was just one that the doc gave me, it took my BP auto, And i didnt find out any of my results till the next morning


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I'm not really following this but what I will say is if the 24 hour monitors average is high then chances are you're going to have problems and likely to need medication.


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Out of interest - has the GP actually diagnosed you with White Coat Syndrome? Or is it an internet diagnosis.
But the average was only 133, The nurse suspected it when i was getting my checks done. i would eventually go in and it be reading like 159 then sit for a minute and it be 120/80


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Look Paul, your BP shouldn't have such high readings, you'll have to be patient and see what the GP advises and stop stressing.
White coat syndrome is really the fact that you are panicking, your body starts its fight or flight cycle, I get it when I have my blood pressure checked, but it isn't an excuse for a high level reading its just a phenomenon they take into account when taking you blood pressure in a surgery, most GPs will send you away either with a monitor or tell you to buy one.


The chart will explain the blood pressure, however as mentioned above you'll need to know the "something" value as its also relevant.

For the optimal blood pressure its supposed to be done at resting, and taken 3 times with the average of the 3 being the outcome.

As you'll see by the chart 177 is in the red and for a 18 year old, unless youÂ’re an idle salad dodger then there is possibly a serious underlying medical issue.

But I'm no doctor :)


The way I was taught to interpret BP (only a matter of weeks ago) was that the systolic reading (top number) should be your age plus 100 up to the age of 40.

Or there abouts.

The Murse

The garlic suggestion on the chart is bollocks though as you would have to eat ridiculous amounts and stink of the stuff for a tiny result.

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