High Blood Pressure and entry requirements.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by EX_STAB, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. I recently failed my medical for re-entry to TA due to high blood pressure. (Hypertension) The limit is set at 140/90, mine is a little above this.

    now JSP 346 Chapter 3, Leaflet 4: Cardiovascular System states:

    (Emphasis is mine)

    Speaking to the MO last night, his opinion was that treated hypertension (i.e. treated with medication) was an automatic bar to entry although he couldn't find a reference to it in the documentation. He's going to check it out as it was not clear.

    Now whilst that wouldn't surprise me, reading the extract above, if untreated hypertension is P8 it would suggest that treated hypertension need not be.

    Further, I understand that the rules for serving soldiers will be different but note the use of the word "candidates" above.

    Can anyone produce the definitive reference for this?

    For the record, I'd rather keep this thread free from general advice about high blood pressure or opinions on what people might LIKE the definitive answer to be.


  2. Anyone?
  3. I too show as having high blood pressure when tested in a surgery. I feel no other effects of it. The doctor suggested going onto medication, but warned me it would be permanent and I would be downgraded to P3 as a result.

    I was surprised to find that I could refuse this as I felt no affect from the supposed high blood pressure.

    I've been informed by someone else that I could possibly suffer from White Coat Syndrome. I underwent the 24hr ambulatory blood pressure testing and my BP was mostly in the green except when exerting myself, which is the same for everyone, I believe.

    Wiki explains it best White Coat Syndrome
  4. Yes, I'm aware of the "white coat syndrome" and there is an element of that but it still is slightly high. P3 is one thing but in this case we're talking P8.

    I suppose the answer will come out before long. I'm trying other methods to bring it down but just need the reference to that particular question.
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    PM theoriginalphantom if you haven't already. He's usually got the answer (and the references) to this type of thing.
  6. I know someone who's just joined an Armoured TA regiment and he's on Ramipril for his Hypertension, I'll find out what he was told but it may take a day or two, he's as elusive as the Pimpernel.
  7. Yes, it was Toppers who provided the reference I quoted but there is still some ambiguity as to how it should be interpreted.

  8. That would be VERY helpful indeed. Thanks.
  9. I had exactly the same problem, my readings were far higher than yours as well.

    I went to my own GP who gave me a machine to use to monitor my own BP morning and night for a week. I wrote down the results then went back to see him. All my reading were normal. He wrote to the MO at Chilwell to say that i was fit to carry on training and that was that!
  10. Yeah, working on that approach too but would really like to see the written reference for acceptance with treated hypertension. (or not)
  11. Has you GP diagnosed hypertension? Should he not be your first port of call?
    If he has done the required tests and stated you do not have hypertension how can the MO say you have?
  12. Yes, doing all that, just trying to find the reference for treated hypertension at the moment. Thanks.
  13. While this is not an answer to your question, would you like details of the DASH Diet? It has been proven to work in reducing high blood pressure. Nothing too fancy but you will have to eat less meat.

    Here you go :)
  14. Sorry ex stab, my mistake, my mate had been off Ramipril for four months prior to his Medical, his reading was exactly 140/90 so he sneaked through as he was no longer on medication.
  15. While waiting to see if anyone can find the definitive reference on this, does anyone have a view on hte following:

    If the average systolic and diastolic are ok over the course of a day does it matter if they've been up and down independently? EG: (Today so far)
    139 91
    124 87
    124 86
    141 79
    (Average 132/86)

    Or another day:
    130 84
    125 91
    140 94
    137 87
    150 95
    130 91
    140 84
    135 90
    140 100
    137 87

    Average: 136.4/90.3

    Would 90.3 be considered a fail in this case?