High band low band question please help

Ok here is the question

i was promoted in 2010 to sgt and was on high band cpl at 33182

on promotion i apparently was meant to go on to low band sgt as my trade specifies.

however the afprb 2009 said all promoted to snco as of 01 apr 2009 would get a minimum 5 percent rise this putting me on to 34841.1 that is exactly 5 percent.... JPA only has 2 pay scales and that figure is higher than the highest level of low band sgt....

so i went to high band level 4 at 34889 and have had increments each year

was this right as i know that some guys of the same quals but a year more senior ie pre 2009 pay review went on to low band and marked time untill they got ssgt...and didnt get any increments

so basically if you were promoted pre 2009 you shat right out

does anyone know the answer to this
It's a good job you weren't around when pay slash 2000 came in. It was awful, some techs even had to trade down their sports cars.
Haha yeah but in all serious this means pre 2009 sncos in my trade are shitting out as they didnt get the 5 percent etc and automatically i am paid more ..... There may be a few lawsuits hahaha

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