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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flagrantviolator, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. Ever hidden anything? Best place to hide:
    1. Yourself
    2. A firearm
    3. An inconvenient body.
  2. Stash the firearm IN the body.
    Let's see them find fingerprints and DNA after stomach acid's been at it.
  3. the same place as where all my quarter faults have been filed with Modern Housing Solutions
  4. In the most obvious place.
  5. Where is the walt thread hiding?
  6. maddies under my bed
    squeals a bit at nights and keeps me awake
  7. 1. Myself: In the Army - lots of us, see, all looking alike.
    2. A firearm: The Arms Cote - see 1.
    3. An inconvenient body - some odd-job-man's gaff in Margate.
  8. Ever hidden anything? Best place to hide:
    1. Yourself - walking around with an emnpty folder
    2. A firearm - Armoury
    3. An inconvenient body - Portugal
  9. Yourself- as just said walking around with an empty folder. Good for burning calories too!
    Firearm- underneath the OC's corrimec
    Body- dress it in an old nbc suit and use it for bayonet fighting practice. Make sure that the other dummies have pig guts or similar. Order a tom to dispose of the used dummies.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Ever hidden anything? Best place to hide:

    1. Yourself - inside my head, with my eyes closed.
    2. A firearm - In a bath of cold water - puts it out in no time, and eases the pain.
    3. An inconvenient body - Vote them out of power, or coup d'etat.
  11. 1. Up your mother
    2. A bedsit in Dunblane
    3 Boot of a Portugese Renault Clio
  12. Best place to hide:

    1. Yourself - head in sand seems to do the trick
    2. A firearm - See below
    3. An inconvenient body - Loose baggy clothes, velour works well :roll:
  13. I am interested to see the results of this thread for a few pointers on how to dispose of the awful wide mouthed frog that used to live here............havent seen much of her recently, have you ;-)
  14. Naughty puppy! Its the rolled newspaper for you again.
  15. Best place to hide:
    1. Yourself - I like to lie low in various German brothels
    2. A firearm - In my pants pressed against my wedding tackle. My wife will never find it.
    3. An inconvenient body. - She's at her mums this week, pity she left the kids here.