Hideously ugly woman criticises Princess

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CrashTestDummy, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. Washed-up academic says something outrageous for publicity: must have a book coming out soon.
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  2. Mantel is so ugly that I doubt that a matelot on a a run ashore would do her.
  3. Definitely an underactive thyroid and an overactive pie arm, the hog faced munter.

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  4. Capture.JPG
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  5. Does she buy her dresses at Millett's by any chance. I saw one in the same colour but a different style there recently...


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  6. She's like something from Dr Who.
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  7. It does of course help if you're critiquing looks, that you don't have a face like a Warthogs Arse shitting a set of false teeth.

    Being The Ladies Favourite I feel free to comment. I prefer the Sister.
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  8. I find it fascinating, the amount of coverage and gravitas, given to somebody's opinion on the basis of what they've done, regardless of whether they have any relevent experience to add to the debate. Bono and others waffling on about the vast untapped record market of Africa. The eye candy and faux actress Sienna Miller flapping her chops about the enviroment and so on ad nauseum.

    I suspect that Ms Mantel is merely showing how jealous she is of someone earning more then her through being good looking.

    I must say though that Ms Mantel is worth two of the Duchess of Cambridge, in fact I'd go further and say that by volume or weight the figure rises to three or four.
  9. Is she wearing one of them inflatable Sumo suits?

    Has anyone said they would yet? Two's up.
  10. That's just what I need to stick on my fridge door to keep me out ....
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  11. I've done worse!!
  12. I'd rather shit out a kidney.
  13. I am married to a redhead and I am also easily led after a few beers. However, one has to draw the line somewhere. The amount of alcohol required to make me say yes would in fact render me unconscious before I could do anything.

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  14. She kind of looks like a real life 'Spitting Image' puppet
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