Hidden text

It is well known that many websites use hidden text to ensure hits from search engines. The ARRSE hidden text is this:

military,sports,credit cards,loans,holidays,travel,time shares,villa rental,bmw, porshe,hummer,car rental,cars,motorcycles ,bikes,motorbikes,bodybuilding ,loans,bodybuilding,health insurance,uk,england,scotland,wales,ireland,germany, sailing,yacht,rugby, adventure,mens grooming, windsurfing,skiing,ski,chalet,climbing, memory loss,fitness,gymnasium,golf,snowboard

and appears at the bottom of the screen just above "Powered by p h p B B 2.0.8 © 2001 p h p B B Group".

Some of these are obvious, but most of them appear totally random - "memory loss"???? Can someone enlighten the Congregation as to why these particular words were chosen, or can't anyone remember??? :lol:
Memory loss? That's just a result of all the drinking that takes place in the...urm...the...er...drinking...place? Maybe.
PartTimePongo said:
Only one problem

I think the google and altavista bots are trained to disregard sites they regard as 'spamming' keywords?

Anyone know for sure?
I don't think so. Every time I search for porn, I have to sort thru all of the pages that spam words on their site. the bloody barstards. :D

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