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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by user, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. How is that the only courses that are widely available for us are DITS, Cadre Courses, Range Qualifications, First Aid and NBC all military courses … When behind the scenes somewhere courses are open for us T.A people to do other courses like leadership courses, driving instructor courses, adventurous training and of course sports… Of which we don’t hear off !!

    Not only that trawls that are sent out to the units are very basic positions of which are always on the trawl call out … when there is talk about T.A soldiers getting operational tours doing semi decent jobs in other countries not just Op Telic.

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  2. Recently had the opportunity to do abseiling/rock climbing qual. Got on the course no problem. If your unit have an adventure training exercise coming up in..say..the next 12 months then bang a couple of courses that the unit require. Bobs your aunty's brother, sorted.

    Edited to add, your PSI has a VERY healthy list of courses in his office somewhere, I gaurantee it.
  3. PSI keeps the golden book of courses hidden I've seen it once now and thats only because I was looking around!! Adventurous training humm that'd be good however we seem to be at the end of the prioity list for things like that ...
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  5. PSI's a bit of a knob then?
  6. Kind of on topic....

    I've just transferred from my OTC to a TA regiment. Being a slacking student, i'm having a gap year to 'recover' from the stressful lifestyle inherent from 4 years at uni!

    What courses would people recommend considering i now have around 8 months free before i start fulltime work?


  7. Defo the map reading instructors course. 2 weeks in civvies tramping around the wilderness.
    As many range qual courses you can get your hands on, usually over weekends.
    SAA course. It's 4 weeks long(I think) but a nice one to have up your sleeve.
    NBC instructor, again quite long but it been ammended, so most instructors are out of date.
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    Sod courses, get yourself on an Op tour!

  9. hmm....... 10 months OP tour vrs two courses leading to a promotion

    (and guy doing tour doesn't get promoted cause his course was cancelled)
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    Oh, alright then.

    Tp Comd course, Pass MK1 and do JOTAC. In you are not inf, make sure you get as much inf stuff in as you can.

  11. Unit NBC Officer...top course and it actually made NBC facinating, not merely interesting. Bags of pyro, bags of CS and three weeks in an RAF mess in standards of comfort that made me cry when I thought of such exotic accommodation as Connaught block, Woolwich, RM Condor and the YOs annex at Larkhill!
  12. ahh the NBC Instructors course, probably the best kept secret going. Worth doing simply so that you no longer have to play silly games in the gas chamber and CS others for a laugh

    Typically couldn't get on it due to being only for seniors (well thats what they told me anyway) so ended up with Aircraft and AFV recognition, not quite the same skive factor
  13. But it IS a Big Red Book of Courses :D
  14. As mentioned on another thread, the Big Red Book of Courses (DCI) is available for download as a PDF file from ArmyNet.

    But that's not quite as handy as it might seem, as

    (a) it's a total acronymfest: hard for a newbie to decipher;
    (b) loads of it is classed as RESTRICTED and so not included in the PDF version; and
    (c) quite a few course providers appear not to be able to meet the deadline for inclusion in the Big Red Book when it is published, so their course info and dates trickle out in supplementary DCIs later in the year.

    So far as being put forward for Gucci courses is concerned, dealmaking is probably the way forward. "I know the unit needs people with Drains Unblocker Class 3 qualification; I'll do that course if you'll put me on Yacht Commander (Caribbean) (TA) as well."
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  15. msr

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    and (d) you can't search it by date e.g. for students who have summer holidays.

    Now, if they put it into a database and posted that on army net they could update it whenever they liked.