Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. Okay, after the latest outburst and considering the infrequent bursts of activity, I am asking fellow arrsers to vote whether they think Hibs_Bez is a figment of somebody's mischievous and overactive imagination.

    i think wah-cover has finally been broken. i just can't believe somebody like this actually exists in our beloved Corps 8O

    what say ye, citizens of Arrse? :D
  2. Definately something not right there.

    Having "Hibs" in your username is not a good sign. :D

    A candidate for 5MI in auld reekie.
  3. Just who do you think you are?

    Are you some sort of self-imposed regulator on this site?

    So what's the deal? You can post whatever you want, as often or as infrequently as you want. It can be as offensive, inappropriate, or downright nasty as you want - but of course that's OK if you do it isn't it.

    Someone else does the same and you take it upon yourself to launch something like this.

    Of course nobody's opinion is worth anything fella, because you pounce on every thread whether you have anything significant to add or not,but simply because you have X-thousand posts under your belt and want to pass judgement on whatever the issue is. IMHO you are taking yourself, and possibly this site too seriously.

    Mods could you please remove this thread.
  4. as somebody who has been the subject of more mockery, fat jokes, unpromotable jokes, pisstaking threads and general insults than most people on the corps forum, i think my credentials in being able to "take it as well as dish it out" are reasonably well established.

    on the other hand, you have posted rather mocking and insulting things in the past - including your friday night diatribe calling opinters "cunts", "pricks" and war-dodging weeds - yet run crying to the moderators if someone takes the piss out of you?

    i think perhaps it is you who is

    banter and insults don't go just one way. if you say things like you did when pissed at 1915hrs on a friday evening, expect to get some back. so either strap on a pair and lighten up, or stop being such a complete knobber when you do post. then maybe people won't be so "downright nasty" to you. boo fucking hoo. :cry:

    p.s. my comments to you are nothing to do with being a "self-imposed regulator" or having thousands of posts to my name. even if i had only just joined the site, i would still think you are a cock :D
  5. Er, not going to get personal about this fella, I was not pissed at 1915 or whatever time it was, but when did you launch this thread?, around midnight as I recall.

    Piss takes are one thing, banter is one thing. Single threads directed solely at one individual member of the site are another.

    So do I retaliate and start one entitled:

    Who wants CR to add his tuppenny-worth to anything he sees on the site whether relevant or not? or,

    Who actually cares what CR thinks about the issues he comments on within the Int Corps Board?, or,

    Why does CR feel the need to add his seal of approval / mark of displeasure to anything that any of us lesser mortals post?

    No mate, don't feel the need to be the "daddy" on here, and get over yourself.

    Now, I've got some quite useful stuff to do today, so I'm now off to do it. So, you just sit there at your laptop seething, analysing what everyone else is posting, and generally wondering how to assert your crucial position on this site. I'll catch your drivel later on.
  6. 10am my time :roll: . i only suggested you might have been drunk to give you an honourable route of retreat from your vitriolic comments... ah well.

    if you want. there have been at least half a dozen pisstaking threads started about me, and plenty of other individuals get targeted.

    just think of having your own pisstake thread as a sign of acceptance; you're now on the way to being as popular as adastra :D

    mmm seethe seethe :D

    i don't think of myself as the "daddy" of the forum. i just enjoy winding you up because you're an angry hypocrite with no sense of humour* ;)

    *have you considered transferring to the RMP?
  7. Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight.................

    Let's all form a virtual circle and push CR and Hibs_Bez together till one is left triumphant!
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Be gentle to Hibz_bez folks.

    She is obviously at the wrong time of the month and Hibs are going to get royally f ucked at Easter Road tomorrow by the glorious Jambos :headbang:

    Edit to add that I voted "wankah" as there is no way I could vote a Hibbee any other way. :twisted:
  9. I just knew there was going to be a huge bite (not so many bytes) on this one.

    Individuals flaming others? Hibz I'm surprised you "rose" to this - the amount of digs you must've had with your team doing kack for yonks, I'd think you were used to personal attacks.

    Auld Yin - towny!! You're as bad as Hibz, i.e. shyte team as well :D

    C'mon the Hoops :D :D
  10. How unpleasant, members of Her Majesty's Armed Forces supporting the PIRA XI!
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Should that not read Up yer Hoop? :pukel:

    Fancy supporting an Irish team :pukel:
  12. 252 me : get yersel back to the Claremont Bar ya po*f or hide in Dalmeny Street ya lowlander!!! :D

    PIRA XI - don't you ever refer to the" 'tic" in latin numerals - you make it sound like a rugby team FFS!!! :D :D

    McDonald Road ya bass!!! :D

    Auld Yin : Irish team??? Oirish ye mean to be sure...

    Ach fitba', good for a laugh and a wind up. Thanks both of you :D

    Anyway, hibzzzzzzzz......

    the ba's back in you're court.
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

  14. Don't ye just love "cut and paste" Auld Yin!!???

    Modern technology eh?

    Better than a Banda copier!!! :D :D :clap: :clap: :clap:
  15. Is that something to do with cloning Madonna's adopted child?.........