HIAB Training?

I want to undertake training to use a Lorry Loader (HIAB).
This is for me and not related to my job or work.
Seems the 3 types are either ALLMI/CPCS or RTITB?
But which one is going to be more widely accepted within the transport industry?
Seems it does not matter as long as you have the card to say you have done a course.
ALLMI & RTITB seem to be the one the agencies go for, Costs vary but around £500+VAT for 2 days training.
Did not see the thread earlier or I would have replied, From my own experience as a Crane Operator I would say that CPCS is by far the most recognised within the industry.

It is almost an essential requirment on some bigger sites as an operator or a banksmen/slinger.

I would like to suggest that , if you have the time and money to do so, go for Banksman/Slinger on a CPCS Card as well....it is a very useful and practical qualification and enables you to work with plant, cranes and indeed HIABS.....
CPCS is about £1k + VAT
ALLMI is about £500 + VAT
Transport Industry seeks ALLMI or RTITB.
Just need the Qualification.
As for counting towards Driver CPC depends who you do it with but most seem to be ALLMI/RTITB Quals.
And do the hours count to CPC?
You can't beat doing the ADR/CPC course for around £500 on the Resettlement courses at the AEC. Having done mine last year its a steal and far cheaper than anyone can run in CIV DIV, having spoken to loads of Civvy drivers they are struggling to get done before 2015....lots of agency work out there to get your digi tacho hours up. The good thing with the AEC course was that hours off the ADR side was used on the CPC bit over the seven days so it cuts out the ball ache of trying to fit it all in.
I was quoted at over £2000 by doing them both through civvy companies.

Not sure about which HIAB is best though fitpilot but similar quotes from civvy companies aswell...they did say you can't use ELC though as its not a level 2 course
Not to cause confusion.


CPC is the qualification needed for an HGV driver, you can attain some of the required hours by attending a recognised and affiliated course such as First aid.


CPCS is a seperate construction qualification that has no connection with driving or HGV's.You gain the trainee qualification which is a red coloured licence, and then after 6 months to 2 years you can go for the experienced operators licence after an assesment which is a blue card as well as gaining the asociated NVQ's. You must amass 500 hours per qualification on the blue card to stay current...Per Qualification..ie..you hold Banksmen, HIAB, 180 degree excavator so you would have to do 1500 hours total in 5 years.

Construction Plant Competence Scheme .... CPCS Training | Construction Plant Competence Scheme from Industrial Training Services

Just to keep things on an even playing field, it is my experience that only UK workers get hammered by these bloody requirements for CPC and such and of course the financial burden...other Non-UK drivers just seem to be exempt.
I know that was just adding that trying to combine courses can help as added the ADR course onto CPC so it cut the lenght of course down as a pointer for Incubus.
As an aside,

I have the chance to get a D licence (free). Does it have any impact on a CPC or would I still have to do the 35 hours etc.

Also, as I hold C+E, do I get D+E automatically?

Apparently I would if held D and then took C+E, as the E on a C is a bigger trailer than on a D. (sourced from .gov site).
Periodic Driver CPC
35 hours of periodic Driver CPC training must be completed by existing LGV professional drivers by 10th September 2014 and then in 5 yearly cycles. Driver CPC modules including: ADR, drivers’ hours, safety of vehicle and loads, drivers’ legal responsibilities, defensive driving and customer care. Once drivers have completed the statutory 35 hours, they will be awarded a Driver Qualification Card (DQC) which is valid until the 10th September 2019.

Modules can include: Drivers’ Hours, Safety Checks, Drivers Legal Obligations, Accident Prevention, Reporting and Basic First Aid & Customer Care and Defensive Driving.

Initial Driver CPC (If you passed after 1997)
New drivers will need to complete initial Driver CPC as part of their LGV training. The initial qualification confirms candidates have the required knowledge and skills to carry out the duties of a professional HGV Driver. The initial qualification requires 4 modules to be passed. As well as passing modules 1 and 3, in order to drive, professional drivers will also have to pass the initial Driver CPC qualification (modules 2 and 4).

Module 2
A theory exam, based on case studies and scenarios. Students must obtain at least 40 out of 50 correct answers.

Module 4
The practical associated knowledge exam. Candidates must demonstrate the ability to ensure a vehicle and its load are both safe and secure. When you successfully pass all 4 modules will be awarded a DQC which must be kept on their person when driving professionally. Within 5 years and every 5 years thereafter, drivers will be required to undertake Periodic Driver CPC training.

ADR & HIAB training can count towards your CPC training as long as the company are registered to carry out CPC Training.
More @ Driver CPC Driver Training for Commercial Transport & Allied industries
I did the RTITB hiab course and found that it was worthless. Luckily I didn't pay for it, I was made redundant and was given grants for training. None of the builders merchants recognised it so I never gained any work from it.
I also did ADR which did get me some night trunking work to France and Germany which was ok.
Driver cpc was the best though as I got the whole 35 hours for free and am covered up till 2019. Driver cpc is a requirement all over EU.

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Been advised by an agency to do the ALLMI course as it's a good grounding.
Any company that wants more will do in-house conversion training.
Did an ALLMI Lorry Loader Course covering Hook, Brick Grab & Remote.
Covered up to 20TM so should be good for most jobs.
Cost just was about the market cost but well worth doing & good to have done it.
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