Just thought i would say Hi because i'm new to the forum, hope this is in the right place. :jocolor:
hi, I'll ask all of the questions first so everyone else can save their time.

Are you a bird?
Are you fit?
Can we have a picture?
Do you take it up the khyber?
Please can we have a picture?
Arby, Im male, Hung like a baby, don't push back and i look like shrek! Brutally honest and to the point. And yeah, Hi Mwl!!
Well if you say so. I think i look like a spat out wine gum personally
mwl946 said:
oooooooooooh dont talk wine, had more than enough last night, tho mine admittedly didnt have fag-ash in it!!!!

But you would have drunk it anyways if it had and claimed it was nothing more than "extra fibre"
Arby, as soon as i can figure out how to upload one i will get it done!
You know im only kidding Mwl, good wine is a shame to waste, as is cheap wine, or anything alcoholic to be honest

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