Discussion in 'Juniors' started by DanishRecce, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi all...New here.

    I'm from Denmark and has served in the Danish Army for 8 years.
    Mostly in AO teams and later in a light cavalry unit(recce).
    I have been in Bosnia and Afghanistan on missions.
    Civilian now.
  2. would you like a medal? :D
  3. Oh dear.
  4. No, got enough.
  5. Suit yourself. Can I still have one?
  6. Welcome Danishrecce.
  7. Thanks. :)
  8. What mishuns did you do? was one of those Danish supercommandos that caught Bin Laden but if it wasnt for those meddling US troops that let him get away ? :(
  9. did u kill anyone?!!!
  10. Hello Danishrecce, you are welcome.

    Take some time to get used to the different forums. You will get some gentle humour on most of them. You have already had some on this thread. But people on the whole will take you at face value and make you feel welcome.

    I hope that you enjoy your time as an Arrse member.

  11. Hei sann danska, staar til! Hjertlig velkommen!
  12. I can tell that you havn't for sure, mate.

    This is me.

    And thank you, Schweik.
  13. No problems, you're welcome.

    Which one is you, by the way?
  14. Who is that your standing with? Your dad?
  15. Haha, the one with a hard on.. :wink: