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  1. Hi everyone.

    Im currently a matloet. Currently serving with the booties. After being here for a couple of months i have come to the conclusion i really do not want to go back to sea ever again.
    I really like military life and want to make a career for myself. But can not see me being able to cope with the lack of any stabiliaty of being on a ship. And there constantly changing programmes.

    So i have been giving joining the army a lot of thaught.
    i have always been intreseted in joing the RMP (yeah im a snake i know).
    I was just wondering what the day to day life of a lance corpral i nthe rmp involves.
    And also is there much truth in promotion to corpral being within 2 years. Or is that the army bending the truth?
  2. I suppose being prone to sea-sickness would be a bit of a disadvantage in the Andrew.
  3. Being a prick.

    Jokes aside, my mates a monkey and he's not too bad, pays to have someone on the inside :D
  4. The Army isn't much better sometimes in that respect.

    It mostly involves kissing your bosses arrse, and backstabbing your mate to get ahead.

    Getting promoted to Cpl can be quick, but it can dramatically slow down after that.
  5. :D Hardly surprising owing to the fact that monkeys get given the rank of lance jack for passing out of training.
  6. Granted, but if you're a complete spanker then it still may take you a while to get to CPl.....the clue was in his question ;)
  7. I am... and it will :(