Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by still21inmymind, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. I served at the following units:

    AAC Harrogate, Bradley Sqn 1970-72
    30 Sig Regt, 3 Sqn (AMF(L)) 1972-75
    2 Div HQ & Sig Regt, Bunde, 2 Sqn 1975-78
    1 AIDU RAOC, Catterick, 1978-80
    8 Fd Force HQ & Sig Sqn, Tidworth, 1980-81 *Photo on gallery*
    5 Inf Bde HQ & Sig Sqn, Aldershot 1981-83
    663 Sqn, 3 Regt AAC, Soest 1983-85
    30 Sig Regt, HQ Sqn 1985-87

    Enjoyed them all XMT 2 Div, which was crap but still a laugh on occasions.
    Now stuck in Manchester, which is not quite as bad as Basra, but give it time.
  2. Hi Ron.
    I was 71C (Rawson) at Harrogate, but you probably know a good schoolmate of mine who was Bradley (Bop Op! :D ) Sqn 70C - name of Trev Cowell, a fellow Cumbrian? He left some time ago, but we still keep in touch occasionally.
    It doesn't look as if our paths have crossed since we were both sprogs, but I hope you are keeping the wolves from the door in Manchester!
  3. and your point is??
  4. Hi mate, I was proud to be a Bop (didn't know any better at the time :lol: ).
    Course I remember Trev, though we graced him with the monicker Pleb, please pas my regards and if he is on t'iternet my email address which I will PM you
    Manchester was not my first choice of domicile, but that of my long haired oppo, but I do my best to keep the area running in a military fashion.
  5. Suit your fcuking self
  6. I think his point is now - your a mong WJA
  7. Sorry, still no wiser
  8. His point is quite clear cunt.

    Welcome still21 :wink:
  9. Cheers mate, never had such a warm unwrapping of the red carpet.