I'm Considering joining the RA. I know everyone will stick up for their own role, battery etc but could you gentleman be good enough to give your objective opinions to which role in the RA is the "best".
I got my eye on radar Op or sound ranging, any one have experience of either?

Any helpful advice would well appreciated, cheers in advance

I have a lot of experience in Sound Ranging (new and old kit) and a bit on Radar

I loved soundranging and its a good laugh, I only really know Radar from the LP end which isn't working with the dish and I'm not sure that COBRA or MAMBA use LPs, I did a little work with COBRA na seeing how powerful it is I doubt they need them.

Soundranging is a lot of hurry up and wait, get the kit out ASAP, get it working and , well maintain and , well err move it when told to, oh and change batteries. The Command Post work is probably the best job (IMHO) although I loved being a Mic pair Commander working in 2's on the kit I was a little bored once its set up but in the CP you are active all the time getting locations and passing them up to Div/Corp/etc. Although I have used the "new" kit I left that world for UAVs about the time they adopted it in the Bty properly so I am unsure if what I have said still holds water, when I used this kit it was in small dets in Bosnia so I am unsure wheteer they keep that structure or adopted the more cntralised (and older) GSR version

My only word of warning is that you are entering a very, and I mean VERY, small area of the RA, once you are in this discipline you are stuck there and as there are (IIRC) only 2 Btys that hold radar and SRg kit, those are the 2 Btys you will be stuck with. If you are interested in the techincal STA route then think about UAVs its a growing trade and the latest "Big Thing".

Que bunnies saying how gun regts are best and most going on about how great it is to be an OP
SR could find itself being in a growth market. COBRA is a white elephant and MAMBA has serious potential. The latest toy the radar chaps have is working quite well too.
There will never be enough Weapon Locators so you will always have a job.
Cheers lads The first i heard about sound ranging was in the book 'dusty warriors', with it being used to try and locate militia mortar teams. The scummers.

I've done my knee in, training to get fit to join, going to have it looked at later praying it isn't going to need surgery or anything drastic. My old man was a radar op during 50's Nat. Service maybe thats my pull towards the regiment.
Hi again lads
My current work placement has put me in a town next to many garrisons, barracks etc and i always have a chat with squaddies when they come in to my workplace, show my respect for what they/you guys, do etc and i also ask them in their opinions who the best lads to work with are, and the majority all say the RA. So well done to you all. I've had my leg looked at, it's not my knee, Thank God, i just need to build up the muscles round my cruciate ligament and all i've heard about your fine regiment has sealed my opionon that your the guys to join.
Stay safe to any of you guys going off somewhere hot and come home safe

regards F.I.

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