Ive just completed recruit selection and im now in the position of having to make a final decision on my job choice.

Im torn between Royal Engineers ( Design Draughtsman ) and Int Corps.

Can anyone shed some light on the day to day work of a design draughtsman, ive researched it loads but would like to here from the people that do it or have had contact with it!!

Thanks in advance .
Consider the prospects when you finish your army career:

RE: Employed in much sought-after job, big bucks, attractive to females.
Int: Often found outside office entrances, either in red uniform or cardboard box.

I'm not biased. After all, if you look at my avatar, you'll notice I'm Infantry. (Hee hee)

Thats a big issue , i want to be in a half decent position the day i leave!!

I would also like to get my hands dirty a bit , and the fact that your trained as a combat engineer is a big pull!!

To be honest i think ive made my mind up already.

Thanks for the reply.
Perhaps a transfer to ACIO(V) is in order....


Let us know how you get on.
no choice there fella, straight down the line "THE CORPS" & all its benefits far outweigh being in the Int corps. You'll gain far more respect as an ENGR than you ever will with those GEEKS.

you know it makes sense, join the real mans army in a real mans corps.

good luck.

Younggun said:
Thats excellent , cheers lads think engineers is definately what i want to do!

Thanks again.

Good choice Younggun.

The training at Gibraltar Barracks at times may seem hard, crud, pointless and mind boggling (sometimes all at once) but come out the other side and regardless of your chosen trade (Design draftsman) you will have achieved the highest accolade in the British Army. The right to call yourself a Royal Engineer Be proud, Always hold your head high.

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