Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dirt_bike_rider, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Hi guys hows it going
  2. Get out of your office colonel, and go and support the troops
  3. If you are not a colonel, are you'

    1. a bone-idle PSI in the TA who could get of his backside and do some work instead of blaming the TA

    2. an instructor who has run out of ways to skive of doing any work.

    3. a forman of signals in the project team

    4. a paedophile

    5. an RP which is the LOWEST form of life
  4. 6. an OXYGEN THIEF
  5. You could always show some initiative - clean a wagon, sweep the garages, make your superior a cup of tea, bull your boots - theres always plenty to do - just need to get off of yer arrse and do it - never know you may impress someone and get promoted to the human race.
  6. Only dropped in to say hello
  7. Boring Fcuking Moron
  8. I suspect your condition is treatable - a 5.56 between the eyes should do the job.
  9. youre the boss with a rant like that! are you the boss of your nursery class?
  10. Can't we give this tw@t and American_Dominion an exclusive forum for themselves to bore each other to death.
  11. What fcking year are you living in???
  12. newly promoted and getting paid sh** loads!

    Sh!t loads !!. Well, he must be in the army then !!
  13. Seems a bit imature to be in a 4 bedroom house on loads of cash yet have a gay name like dirt bike rider .
    Ithink he is full of s hit