Discussion in 'Juniors' started by chocolate soldier, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. hi everyone just want to say im not in the army yet but i hope to be, ill probably ask loads of questions

  2. Be afraid, be very afraid & wary of the probable responses you will get on this site ;-)
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  3. Oh dear, oh dear.
  4. Being a benevolent soul, I offer you this advice; read carefully and form your own opinion on any questions and advice that has already been posted - this is, after all, an anonymous Internet discussion site. Secondly, seek professional assistance from those placed at great expense for that very purpose, by the Ministry of Defence, within your local Careers Information Office.
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  5. yeah but i want to hear from people who won't soften answers to convince me to join
  6. I am waiting for your questions young man!

  7. Come on then, 'abated breath'
  8. Without wishing to shatter your illusions; you may have noticed that the Army is in the process of making a significant amount of people redundant. Therefore, talented though I'm sure you are, if you were to decide not to join up then, apart from the occasional nervous breakdown at your local careers office, we would probably manage to muddle along without you.
  9. As a 'Chocolate Soldier' I feel you'd find the RAF Regiment far more suitable.
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  10. Or Serbian Artillery?
  11. Can you swim?
  12. when you join the army and get posted at what ever unit ,can you join sports teams e.g football rugby team?
  13. Shouldn't you be tucked-up in bed at this time of night?