Hi to you all this is my first post

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Dvr_110, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. I am a current serving member of the RLC and always hear the guys going on about this place at tea and toast, so I thought I'd give it a go. Apparently it's the best place in camp to find out what's going on.
  2. This is where all the decisions are made and what people do to pass the time during working hours to the detriment of their duties and responsibilities.
  3. It fills the gap between 0730 and tea and toast perfectly
  4. Greetings add as much as you take away and all will be happy.
  5. Why is he posting in the Gay section?
  6. Ahhhhhh, tea and toast...I miss it so!
  7. Huh? :? I must have missed something. Did I post in the Navy section by mistake?
  8. What are you doing in the Gay section?
  9. Never mind him, what are YOU doing in the gay/navy section?
  10. I'm getting me frock ready to marry you. Wear green so I know it's you.
  11. Who Dale Me?
  12. Of course....
  13. well I can do a bit of Bigamy just for you.
  14. Aw, a match made in heaven!!! A slug and a tit!
  15. But that's only half an hour in your case MSI :D :D