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  1. ill start from scratch. i applied for the army when about 2/3 years ago...passed everything easily barb testing etc. I then had to go to ADSC in Edinburgh. started the medical then i failed the bmi for being slightly underweight. anyway i was pissed off so i got my bmi up to standard(struggle to gain weight) i applied for r.a.f in February 2009 and only last month i got told they were cancelling my application due to the cuts they were having to make(i had passed everything waiting on dates). so now im considering reapplying as an aircraft technician(avionics) do you guys roughly know when the army will start recruiting? in reality i just really want to join the forces but so far i have had 2 failed attempts at it.haha thanks in advance steve
  2. the army are overmanned as well mate.the whole fecking country is applying at the moment.i've been waiting since november for my start date but nobody seems to know anything.there is masssive cut backs because the country is in massive debt.There are people on here who can give you some good advice and there are plenty of good threads.I'm just warning you mate be prepared to wait. :cry:
  3. yeah i kind of thought all the forces would be the same. although it seems to be the navy and army that are still advertising. is the army the same as the raf as in - there year runs from April-April. from what i gathered from RAF was they were full to April this year and then were going to start placing people. my worry for applying in the army is that all these places will probably be full from people like yourself(waiting on dates?) until April 2011. so don't want to apply yet knowing there's no point?
  4. there is no harm in putting in your application in mate. Get the ball rolling
  5. On my barb test results form there were dates for intakes in march and july with vacancies. I think it all depends on what you want to do.

    Surely if you want the job it's worth applying no matter what the wait.
  6. yeah ill probably go in on friday and get it moving.im hoping they still have my details from 2 years ago-could save alot of time :p im hoping to go in as an avionics technician. the only danger for me is i have booked a holiday at end of june to ibiza so that could be chucked out the window
  7. was there any date for pioneer on there mate or royal artillery
  8. Thers the odd job here and there that need people, Ive recentley heard on the radio up in scotland, an add from the regular are still recruiting...Why I dont know but wont harm in getting the ball rolling again...Just dont terminate your app again ;)