Hi-tech camera used to tackle drugs

officers have this morning, Thursday, executed two search warrants in the borough and arrested one man after utilising the latest hi-tech camera technology in an effort to rid their ward of drugs. Over the last week officers from Haringey have been patrolling the borough with a unique thermal imaging camera that can accurately identify properties being used to cultivate cannabis. Being used for the first time within the Met police the hand-held camera is able to detect extreme heat emissions from houses. Properties where cannabis is being grown will release up to ten times the amount of heat as an average family home.

I wonder if civil liberty groups will query intrusive surveillence?
I wonder with this leak of intelligence how many druggies pay to have their lofts insulated - thus reducing heat loss. Apparently some councils actually give you a grant to do this aswell.
nothing really new police helicopters have been doing it for a few years apparently on returning from a call out they'll flip over to IR and look for any suspect heat sources
In Oz they normally find them by electricity theft.

As well as meters on the house the suppliers have them at the end of the street. If the numbers don't add up then plod is invited to visit.
Here in the US you can't do that, without a search warrant. A blanket IR sweep is illegal.

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