Hi Tec Magnum Desert boots - maintenance?

How are you meant to clean your desert boots?

Ummm... Brown polish?
Don't bother get them exchanged for a clean set, they're crap anyhow.
Get some Nubuck and Suede cleaning gunk. Nikwax make it and you should be able to get it from most outdoors shops.
Cover them in Diesel and get them exchanged at the Stores :wink:
Don't actually know anyone who bothered, but if they do get covered in shite hot soapy water and a scrubbing brush would probably be favourite.
get yourself a trip in the CSB and raiders down the shat, as the ops show off and jump each others wakes a considerable amount of dubious brown water will slosh around soaking your boots, 10 mins in the sun later they will dry nice and hard and brittle, crack and split in ten places.

you can then spend 4 weeks trying to get them exchanged whilst getting boots full of sand at every opportunity through the gaping holes around your toe caps


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