Hi question about Doctors medical comments............. :D

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by clockworkmark, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm in the process of joining (RLC Driver Communications Specialist) and have just received my Doctors notes back and I'm a bit worried my application will be rejected now.

    Without giving too much details away, in 98, I had to see a family therapist (not by my choice) due to being violently physically and mentally abused by my dad, and in 08 I overdosed due to big events that happened all at the same time.

    Read my notes and no further action was taken on them and wasn't diagnosed with anything, but worried they will cause my application to be rejected any help welcome :)
  2. With a topic title like that you're going to get a lot of 'stick' as you look like a bit of a tit.

    It may be seen that because you have had two separate instances of therapy/depress you are considered unstable and therefore unsuitable for military service - Especially as you surpassed depression and attempted suicide. Without being too glum, I highly doubt you would pass with that medical background.
  3. It may also be that someone who knows the rules will post on here too. Thankfully such a person exists. However I need to check out the latest version, check here for a rough guide
    this is not the latest version, some items may have changed.
  4. Hi, yeah I know what you are saying, the therapy thing was nothing to do with me it was arranged by my mum when i was 14. Both notes say nothing about any further action or anything needed.
  5. "A single episode of self-harm in response to a stressful event occurring
    more than 3 years before application is no bar to recruitment provided the 3-year
    interim has been free from all symptoms. If there was no stressful event then the
    candidate should normally be graded S8, as this indicates an enduring endogenous
    risk of further self-harm. Candidates with a history of 2 or more episodes at any
    time, even with clear stressors, should normally be graded S8, as repetition indicates
    a substantial risk of further repetition and, of more concern, a significant increase in
    risk of later death b y suicide."
  6. Thanks, just going to read over it, on one of the boxes the doctor simply wrote "nil" for anything preventing me from joining physically or mentally.
  7. Thankyou for that theoriginalphontom, could I PM you please?
  8. Do feel free to do so.
    and so often I moan about youngsters being impolite...
  9. Refreshing, isn't it. Well done the OP. Best of luck with your chosen career; shame you hadn't aimed higher in your aspirations. :)
  10. Alternatively, STFU, get on with your Fam visits and other litany of successes and allow an expert to comment. Idiot.
  11. Thanks, I have chosen the Driver Comm's Spec, as from what I have heard you can go on to do an apprenticeship in telecommunications. I'm already an electronics engineer as a civilian. And it just seemed like a good move. Wish I'd have applied to go in sooner now Just hope everything can run smooth with my application now :).
  12. Now now, don't make me get the infraction stick out! -Disco
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.