Hi-Power vs CZ-75

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,
    I've seen the Browning for about 250, and a couple of CZs for between 300 and 350.

    The CZs are the old model with the slide mounted decocker (annoying when racking the slide). On the postive side though I've used a similar one for a while and shoot quite well with it.

    The Browning is by FN, and is one of the ones delivered just after the war and originally used by the Home Guard here.

    Both are quality pistols and reasonably priced, so I'm in a bit of a quandry.
    If you were in the market for a 9mm pistol, which of these two pistols would you choose?

  2. I'd have the Browning for the provenance.

    Presume you don't need it as a carry piece so no real advantage to the de-cocker on the CZ75. Vague memories now for us in UK of course but I recall the CZ75 being "snappier" than the Browning but I can't imagine why. Just seemed to recoil a bit more harshly.
  3. I used to own a CZ75 when pistols were legal in UK (sob!), and have since carried 75s and 85s whilst working in sandy places. The work guns were very well worn (I think ex-Czech Police guns or some similar source) yet were totally reliable and trustworthy. Its a close call - the GP35 and CZ75/85 are similar in terms of reputation. As a civvie collector I might hang on until I found a nice British marked Inglis, but if it were to be a sidearm I'd probably go with the CZ.....
  4. I have used a CZ75 for nearly thirty years and find it far less prone to jams than the HP35, It was an Ingles made Browning that jammed on me in Belfast that almost cost me my life, hence my love of CZs and the larger magazine capacity
  5. Yes, it's purely for target use. I wouldn't mind giving IPSC a go a some point though, so perhaps the DA trigger on the CZ would be an advantage?

    Mind you 1911 type pistols are SA too, and they're very popular....
  6. I've got a S & W 745 for IPSC, the one with gold ingraving, looks a bit poncy but shoots like a dream
  7. I like the big S&Ws too! Over here I'm limited to max. 9mm and minimum o/a length of 210mm though. This means that both the Browning and CZ need barrel extensions (5-10mm) to be legal.

    I've used a cheapo CZ clone by Norinco for a while at the club and fired well over 1000 shots without a misfire, so I'd definitely agree that it's a very reliable design.

  8. My only regret is that I have to travel all over Europe to shoot now and with failing eyesite and arthritis I can't hit anything any more, god I hate getting old, I shot clays at the weekend Efffiiinnn ooopppllleeesss
  9. carried both for work and used both in comp.

    theres not much between them at all, the CZ gets my vote on being a slightly more evolved version of the bascilly same design.

    I picked a Tanfoglio on my pistol ticket because of it being a descended design of the proven HP/CZ action, and at a resonable price.

    now cue stoats with another 'jamfoglio' jibe :roll:
  10. I've looked at the Tanfoglio (substitute the 'og' for 'uck' as required) and have been quite impressed. It's got a good solid feel in the hand and shoots very well indeed.

    The Tanfoglio 'Combat' costs around 500 quid new here at present.
  11. I have a cz75 with rubberised combat grips and a white foresight, a cracking pistol................many many times better than the Browning at work and much more reliable IMHO
  12. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    I preferred the CZ75 but never had any trouble with my issue Browning. It would be a difficult decision for me unless I knew whether it was for target or real.
  13. Very much down to personal choice however the Browning will cause far more hammer bite than a CZ ever will, I still have Browning scars.

    Were I still allowed to shoot IPSC then neither of these would be in the frame at all however and certainly nor would the S&W 745, despite all the IPSC gold engraving. From day one the 745 was probaly the most unsuitable gun for practical ever built. However as was said when they first came out if S&W are going to hand over enough cash (sorry sponsorship) then anyone will endorse anything however bad.
    If i was still shooting IPSC and wanted something to shoot production or standard or whatever they call it nowadays it would be as it would have been back then a Glock in 9mm or .40S&W whatever your preference no two ways about it.

    And in case anyone doubts my pedigree I used to be a UKPSA Rangemaster and Instructor Assessor, mind you I was a lot thinner, fitter and most of all younger then. I could concealed carry a 25pdr these days.

    Happy Days.
  14. I agree with you, when I got the 745, it was a gift and at the time it was a pretty good weapon, but that was over twenty years agoand things have moved on and there are much better pistols on the market
  15. My choice was the CZ75, this is me and mine way back in 1981 when I still had hair. Lovely bit of kit. Anyone recognise the range?

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