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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bwfc4eva86, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. Hi basically joined up to ask a few questions really. Hoping you can help :D

    well ive applied to join the Army Air corp, done my BARB test yesterday and got 97 :D but its not exactly rocket science anyway.

    My only concerns really are from what ive asked the Careers office they havent told me the target time im supposed to be aiming for in selection?

    I can currently, and im not happy about it do it in 13 mins 35 secs, which i know needs improving, but thats another question.

    Also ive not really had a good search on the forum yet, but is there any good training method's you could point me in the direction of?

    Was going to start using this one that i found but not sure.

  2. This comes up a few times so if you hunt around you will find many training ideas but in general run training is best done as a mixture of interval training for speed and longer runs.

    interval training can be as simple as run 100m jog 100m, run 100m, jog 100m and so on (can exchange distance for lamp posts)

    and longer runs are just that, 4 miles is a good basis.

    As for target times, I think for AAC the entry time at Recruit Selection or ADSC as its apparantly called now is 13 minutes but that is hideously slow as in reality you have to do it in 10:30 during basic and the amount of insults you get with regards to fitness goes up in the amount of time it takes you to run. In reality aim for at most 10 minutes, prefrebly around the 9 minute mark. And note these times are for road running, not treadmill running as your road time will be about a minute slower than your treadmill time.
  3. Cheers well 10 mins sounds doable, just have to get my head down and get training. Is 6 weeks enough or should i give myself a bit longer?

    Just i got this 13 mins and i havent run for about 6 months due to a motorbike accident.
  4. You should be able to take big chunks out of your time at first then the gains decrease as you approach your main fitness level. Be carefull after any kind of accident though. After I had a car crash I returned to normal training after just over a month but was suffering for a good few weeks more whilst my body got back into normality. Get your time down to the 11/12 minute stage at least before thinking about ASDC especially with this time of year being a naturalyl fat and lazy one
  5. If you can, find someone to train with:

    - Less boring and more difficult to opt out just because you don't feel like it!
    - You will both push yourself that little bit harder.

    Good Luck.