Hi, new guy needs help :)

Hello everyone :D I just joined this site today...which you probably guessed. Anyway, I am 17 on the 7th of July and I have been put off applying for the Army foundation college here in harrogate.

But now I have decided I want to take the plunge and was just wonderign whether it is too late to apply. Also, I am over weight but not hugely. I can run, play sports etc etc But I am not too good at footy or rugby, but I like swimming and mountain biking :D

Anyway, my main two questions are: Is it too late to apply for the AFC?
and Does being over weight matter that much? I would get in shape in no time due to the training anyway.
It is more than likely too late for you to apply for AFC Harrogate as you have just turned 17. I think the upper entry limit is 17 and one month on the date of entry into the college and as you haven't started the application process yet it is too late. As for overweight it does depend on how over weight you are but if you have the right attitude and train hard you should be fine.
:p get your ass down to coppice and start pushing out the lengths....if you bike around the Valley Gardens or Pine Woods i suggest you get over to Hookstone Woods where it's a lot more fun and challenging......get fit,lose a few pounds and apply as an adult soldier. 8) and don't worry about not being able to get into AFC just because it's close to home. :wink:
Lol, well I spoke on that live chat thing on the army website and the person said I would be turned away if I am not within my Ideal Body mass index so I guess i will have to loose weight before I even think of applying. Also, I didnt want to apply for the AFC just because it is close to home lol. I wanted to because it looks good.

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