Hi Just a few questions if you got the time please.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by babaman, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. ok Im 17 and wanting to join the TA I was initially told the minimum you have to serve is 3 years but I was told yesterday by someone this has now gone up to 12????

    also if I do want to leave in the future how hard is it and also if I do leave can I be called up for mobilization in the future.

    sorry I dont want to sound like a walt but I just want to make sure this is the right thing for me as its a big commitment and I wanna do it properly.
  2. You can leave at anytime, unless you have been warned for ops.
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    I have not heard that it has gone up to 12 years, but it might well have. However, you can leave the TA at any time, simply by notifying them that you wish to leave and handing all of your kit back in.

    There is no ongoing liability for mobilisation after you leave. Make an appointment with your TA unit of choice, or nearest unit, and talk through tthe contract terms with them. You do not have to sign on the dotted line straight away.

  4. Yes it is 12 but leaving before that period is quite easy. Once you have left you have zero reserve liability.

    Leaving because you have been mobilised is a no no.
  5. The contract does say you are commited for 3 yrs (mine does anyway), but you can leave at any time unlike the regular army, unless you have been warned for ops, but that shouldnt happen compulsarily, most people going on ops volounteer. However we could all be compulsary mobilised if our glorious goverment decides to follow the USA into another war!
  6. thanks for the help guys I really appreciate it, I think I might just do it. Ive booked my appointment and am gonna go see the barracks today.
  7. Good on you! all the best
  8. And if you have to write anything for them I suggest you use the traditional spelling of "want to" and "going to" rather than wanna and gonna!

    Good luck - you'll have some great times in the TA if you put the work in.
  9. Good luck.
  10. Yeah for those not aware, provided you meet certain criteria, the next time you re-engage it will be for 12 years
  11. Definatly 12yrs now - had to do it a little while ago when re-engaging!!

    Remember hearing a rumour somewhere that you can be recalled for mobilisation for upto 6 months from leaving if you contract is not up which was to prevent people from just using the TA as a jolly club.

    Though that would make sense and as such would probably be balls :p