< ' . . and how many of our glorious leaders will turn up to hi-jack the dedication . . .' >

There was a recovery of 6 'MIA/KIA' from Vietnam a few years back - by a group of (Veteran) volunteers called AUSTMIA.

Just a handful who implemented their own 'Operation Aussies Home' - due to the government's complete indifference to recovering the fallen servicemen for their families' sake.

A civilian donated funds to cover their expenses - and later the government pitched in (with LESSER funding). This was followed by average Aussies contributing, who felt that the government DID have a duty of care / responsibility towards their Defence Forces.

The 'impossible' was achieved - with some help from Americans, and Viet Cong veterans - and four years later, all six had been recovered.

But prior to being returned to their families, the Australian government - AND the Hanoi government - celebrated THEIR 'heroic' deeds; with the AUSTMIA group shoved into the background.

The same scenario played out recently at Fromelles - with a 'brand new' Veterans Affairs Minister putting himself front and centre.

(The world may have noticed that Australia has some problems with 'Who's The Current Government?'.
But I'm sure that 'Julia Abbott-Turnbull' - whoever the PM is this week - will soon have things sorted. Perhaps a (TV panel) rotating host idea might work:
'This week the PM will be BLOGGS, who has a view on International Relations.').

I'd much prefer that we DO NOT include the politicians hi-jacking a ceremony that they contributed NOTHING to - except to keep themselves in the limelight.

Almost as an after-thought, they quickly allow a few Veterans to lay wreaths. How noble.
Thats nice dear. As long as you keep yourself busy.

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