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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Billy Got Nabbed, Apr 30, 2011.

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  1. I signed up in March but have been trolling this site for years but I have to say since
    signing up and posting and replying to threads I never realised just how SAD some of you are.

    First I need to make a point of my signature it's true I really don't but I need to ask
    why are some of you so fcked up and don't say PTSD it's just fuckin straight up abuse some guy posted on here for the first time in 2 years one reply dont rush back Yeah nice, not it's pathetic, dont give me the Army bollox about this is the way cos it aint and I seriously doubt half you muppets ever served. I changed my Avatar today to REME well did that open the gates the snide shit came fast and furious that took me back to the ignorant puddle jumpers I used to deal with the same retards who'd jump in the back of a vehicle when the shit got to hot in NI but couldn't grasp the fact that someone kept that piece of shit on the road maybe that's why Infantry hate everyone cos there so fuckin dumb to understand the Corps kept the fuckers alive, bitter and twisted ain't in it.

    So anyway how you Infantry guys getting on in Civvy street hows the Security Guard
    job going or did you find a factory that needed a trained Infantry soldier.

    So Hi every one
  2. What's up mate?
  3. I think someone is up waaaaay past their beddie times.

  4. my brother is ex rough engineering made easy ----- Left in the 80s after 15 years in ---first job in civvy street for the aa lasted a couple of months -----then he got a job in a garage being teaboy and oily rag after running a workshop didnt suit so he jacked and joined group 4.

    Did a good few years with them then got a job with mod police at rheindhalen as a glorified security guard where after many years he has been laid off and back to gorleston.

    Do not imagine yourself superior to others because you know one end of an engine from another.

    Miserable bunch as a whole ex reme
  5. Go polish a sparkplug.
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  6. Another f@cking REME REMF wanabe soldier,
  7. "The REME: So good, the Army uses Green Flag instead."
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  8. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Yes I'm sure the ex Inf blokes on £250 a day on CP work a kicking themselves for not getting a trade now....
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  9. What makes you believe anyone gives a fuck what you think?
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  10. Morning BGN,

    I'm REME, I've worked with infantry, Recce, armour, Marines and REME Bn. I've been up front in the thick of it and so far back me laundry has been sent forward. I left the regs and had some good and crap jobs working with ex inf, in charge of ex inf and for ex inf - I've rejoined and I'm back with the inf and all I can think of is how much of a complete fucking bell end of the highest order you come across as in your post.

    May I suggest: This might help you
  11. 7/10 for wind up. Got a few bites. :).
    (Common mis- conception to assume that all trades know about engines. Even some of the VMs don't!)
  12. what an utter dickhead.
  13. In my case it was a Fitter RE!

    Oh, and now I am a police officer...glorified security guard.......come spend a Friday/Saturday night shift with us and see how you get on.
  14. Fucking hell, an internet liar has called REME REMFs, and wannabe soldiers.Thats a bit rich, coming from a prevaricating cunt such as this.

    Die in a fire you fucking troll.
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